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Question #92823 posted on 12/19/2019 9:11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Any tips for putting together a skincare regimen?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

I asked my roommate, who is very serious about skincare and seems to have a good routine down. She sent her advice to me by text, so I edited a bit for grammar and clarity.

"Skin care regimen will depend on skin type. But basically you need an exfoliant/face wash (for heaven's sake not St. Ives; it's like shoving shards of glass into your face), some type of serum and a moisturizer. You could even toss a retinoid on combined with any serum, because the retinoid should suck up whatever you put on top of it.

"My routine is: wash face/exfoliate, toner, retinoid/serum and moisturizer. EVEN IF YOUR SKIN IS OILY YOU NEED A MOISTURIZER. I sleep with my face absolutely slathered in Aquaphor. My skin is oily and I use Youth to the People skin care stuff. They sell a little set of minis at Sephora if you want to try. I also use witch hazel rose water toner."

Since my skin care routine involves washing my face with cheap cleanser when in the shower (and if I'm not feeling too lazy), I am utterly unqualified to comment on the worth of her advice. However, she does have nice skin.




Dear friend, 

I got slammed for my advice last time but I mean it, this is recommended. The 5 parts, in order are:

1) Cleanser (call me bougie but I like the Glossier milky jelly cleanser.) 

2) Exfoliator (some say it's optional. It's good for me.)

3) Toner

4) Moisturizer. I like to use oil control moisturizer with added SPF to save steps. 

5) SPF

I also think you should take time to get familiar with whether you're dry, oily, combo, whatever. If you're unsure, start with combo bc it'll probably work fine. if you're a woman that wears makeup, get some micellar cleanser and cotton rounds. Never sleep with your makeup on. 

For me, using body scrub in the shower is incredibly effective. I like the Tree Hut Tropical Mango sugar scrub. Also the Tahitian Vanilla bean. For my face, I like the St. Ives coffee & coconut. You might want something milder, but they work great for me. I also recommend that you use lotion when you get out of the shower to make you soft as heck. 

Last, shave using coconut oil because you will be a smooth goddess and honestly that's the best. I just keep a container in my shower and it is the best thing in the world.  




Dear you,

If you're like me, it's going to be difficult to stick to a full routine right off the bat. If you can follow the other writers' advice above, do it! It's good advice. But if you can't commit to the whole thing at first, my advice is to start small. Do one or two things consistently, and combine multiple steps into one. For instance, I make sure that I always wear my favorite moisturizer, which has a built-in SPF. If I can do more on a given day, I will, but my only hard-and-fast rule is that I have to wear that moisturizer daily. Any more than that, and I'd get overwhelmed and ditch the whole thing.

Baby steps!




Dear you,

Did you know that washing the skin around your eyes with baby shampoo prevents, and can even treat styes? Well, now you do know. Furthermore, if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, it's actually the decrease in frequency of blinking that dries and tires your eyes out. So, make sure to blink. But if you don't want to, there are special contacts for looking at computers. 

Turns out I don't really have a skin care regimen, just an eye care one.



Dear You, 

Last year I started using Curology, a subscription-based skincare company, and that has been really helpful for me, even though it is more expensive. You send them pictures of your face, what your major skin concerns are, and then they work with you to create a special prescription for you called a 'super bottle' that you put on once a day after washing your face. They ship the prescription to you and you can also have face wash and moisturizer sent with it. I've found it really helpful having someone to talk to and guide me through what to do for my skincare. Also, they tell you the active ingredients that they put in your prescription, so if you want to find something cheaper, you can stop using the subscription and try to find a product that has similar ingredients.

So I guess I answered your question by saying: I do not have any tips for putting together a skincare regimen. I have someone else figure it out for me.