"If it's causing you more stress than it's worth... it's not worth it." - Yellow

Dear Tipperary,

Do you want to tell the board that you just got engaged?!



Dear me,

Um, yes!

Okay, does everyone want the whole story? Oh good, I was gonna tell it anyways, but I appreciate that y'all want to hear it. First I'll catch y'all up on my relationship up to proposing, and then I'll tell the proposal story.

---Our Relationship---

Okay, so London and I started dating back in June (Also my fiancee finally has a Board Nym!). She is basically the most amazing person ever. She had just graduated from BYU with her Master's degree in Social Work, and was about to move to SLC for work, so I'm glad we started dating when we did!

Our first date was pretty much a disaster, and when I asked her out again she said no. But, she asked me out a few days later so I was really excited to get another chance to go out with her. So our second date went really well, and at the end we kissed, but we felt like it was going too fast and she suggested we just be friends. I was so upset because not only did I ruin the first chance, but I ruined the second chance as well!

So, after the 2nd date, I wrote her an apology for giving into the moment and kissing her without asking her first. Apparently, she thought it was really sweet that I was being responsible and caring about her feelings, so she asked me out on a 3rd date. We played UNO for our 3rd date and it was really fun. After the date I said goodnight and she kissed me! At this point I was confused. So I decided we should DTR, and after I did that in the most awkward way possible (too awkward even for the board) we decided we were officially dating!

The first month of dating was great, but we both had insecurities and stuff, and it lasted forever because we were both worried we were gonna get broken up with. After we survived that, it has been amazing! We complement each other so well. She is so sweet, and funny, and smart, and organized, and cute and basically everything!

In August we were spontaneous and decided to plan a trip together so we booked some flights out to New England to visit family. It was super fun, and on the trip we talked about marriage for the first time! (We talked about it on the 2nd month anniversary of dating) We decided that we didn't want to do a winter wedding, or a wedding in the middle of the semester, so we settled for May (for those counting at home, that's 10 months out from when we first talked marriage). For the last 4 months of being "unofficially engaged" we basically planned most of the wedding. 

---The Proposal---

Since we had been unofficially engaged, I figured that I should do something really cute for the actual engagement. I asked London what she would like, and she gave me a few guidelines:

  • It had to be a surprise
  • She had to be wearing nice clothes so the pictures would look good
  • I didn't propose on a holiday
  • It had to come from my heart
  • She did not want to go on a hike

So I came up with a plan that matched all those criteria. The first part of the plan was the surprise part. Mid-November we went ring shopping and we found a beautiful ring that she absolutely adored. We put it on layaway, and I asked London if it would be okay if I couldn't pay off the ring until January. I brought up  not being able to pay for the ring until January a few times a week so she wouldn't expect it when I proposed in December.

London was going to spend Christmas with her family, so we decided to do our own Christmas. That morning we went to the temple, and afterwards we went up to the base of Y Mountain to exchange gifts (That's where we had our first kiss, where we talked about our future together the first time, where we read each other's patriarchal blessings). She got me a new laptop, and I got her a scrapbook with pictures from our relationship and a Polaroid camera.

After she opened the camera, I suggested we go out and take a selfie for our first Christmas together. Thankfully, she thought that it was a cute idea and didn't say it was too cold. After we snapped the selfie, while she was waiting for the picture to develop I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. She turned around and laughed out loud because she was so surprised I kept it a secret (I like to talk). She said yes! And now we're officially engaged!

So basically being engaged is great and I can't wait to get married!