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Question #92839 posted on 01/08/2020 8:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are you the type of person who likes white lights or colored lights on a Christmas tree?



Dear you,

White lights are certainly the superior option.

-Sunday Night Banter

Yes, I am that type of person.


Dear Ornamental,

Definitely white lights, though I am very glad for the variety available, especially when going to see the lights at Temple Square. It just wouldn't be as magnificent without all the different colors. 



Dear Ornament,

These crazy fools, colored lights are SO much better. It brings more happiness (to me)! Carl and I just bought a pre-lit tree this year and it does white and colored lights. I only used the white lights setting as I was decorating the tree to ensure I wasn't putting two blue/red/green ornaments next to each other. But after that, we've only had it on the colored setting.

-Goldie Rose


Dear cat toy,

If you're going for elegant, then white lights. If you're going for kids-helped-me-decorate, then colored lights. 

So basically I'll be on the white lights team for another 5 years and then hopefully I'll join the colored lights side.

-guppy of doom


Dear orn kit,

White lights work better on trees; colored lights are more appealing general decorations. But if someone decides to change things up and make a Christmas tree that shines with more colors than a pro gamer's RGB backlit computer tower, more power to them.