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Question #92846 posted on 01/09/2020 6:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does the BYU creamery still sell Purple Stuff? It was like a grape soda that had valerian root in it, I think. I used to love that soda when I was a student and can't find it anywhere–considering a trip to Provo just to stock up if they still carry it.

-My Name Here


Dear NULL,

Sorry to keep you waiting on this question! I didn't have as much free time in Provo over the holidays as I expected, and the new semester hit me like a train.

Anyway, the somewhat bemused Creamery employees I asked said that no, they don't carry it. After a guided tour to the soda aisle which was both free of charge and unfortunately also free of Purple Stuff, I scoured the rest of the refrigerated shelves and didn't turn up any garishly colored grape sodas except for Fanta. I suppose that counts as purple stuff of a sort, but it's not what you're looking for.

Undeterred, I visited the Purple Stuff website to try the store locator, but that didn't turn anything up, since the locator isn't working properly due to what appears to be a bit of administrative neglect. I then checked Amazon just for good measure, but even they list it as "Currently Unavailable."

With that said, I definitely recall seeing Purple Stuff on Creamery shelves prior to my mission, and I have also seen the Creamery occasionally rotate out items for a period of time, so it may be that it will make a return. If any readers have better information than I do or an inside source (perhaps a disgruntled Creamery employee willing to tell it all in exchange for university protection), feel free to submit a correction.