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Question #92851 posted on 01/21/2020 6:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Has BYU updated the TELL classes in the Education department in the last few years? I know when I was in my last year in 2015, the textbooks felt like they had been made 20 years ago and were long outdated, and I feel like a lot of us didn't learn as much as we could have because of it.

-Just Curious


Dear Curious,

From what little information I've been able to glean from my very few contacts in the relevant area, the answer seems to be no. I'm told the program has undergone (or is currently undergoing) a few shifts to be better aligned with state policies, but at the class level, the course material is largely the same as you remember it from five years ago. I hope to see that change, but only time will tell.