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Question #92860 posted on 01/10/2020 8:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm trying to memorize a few songs and scripture verses each month. I've found the best way to do this is to listen to them repeatedly - once or more each day. For the music, I use Youtube. Do you know if there are any ways to get individual scripture verses on videos on Youtube? A search only brings up talks/speeches based off of that verse.

-Zwerg Zwei


Dear person,

I don't know of any Youtube videos that match what you are looking for. However, If you have a smart phone, it probably has a recording feature that you could use to create an mp3 that you could play to yourself on repeat.



Dear ZZ, 

I found this playlist for the Book of Mormon readings, but it does it by chapter and not by verse. As far as I could possibly find, there aren't videos where an individual verse is read (which honestly doesn't surprise me). Similar playlists exist for the Bible as well. 

What Sheebs suggests might work for you... or you might just find that memorizing scriptures separately from your songs by using a different tool for memorization may be more effective.




Dear ZZ Top,

They aren't on Youtube, but a friend of mine wrote songs for all 100 old scripture mastery verses. Email me at and I can try and get them to you.