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Question #92878 posted on 01/21/2020 9:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board (myself specifically),

Remember that time someone asked Board Question #91954 and we had a pretty small offering of Heavenly Mother art and it made you sad and a bit frustrated?

Would you like to update this and enlighten us with the BEAUTIFUL art pieces you have found and perhaps purchased since then so everyone can feel a little bit closer to their Mother in Heaven who loves them and is spectacular and loving and important?



Dear Me,

HELLO YES THANK YOU I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO TALK ABOUT NOW. MORMON WOMEN ARE SO AMAZING. I AM SO PROUD :*) people have been working so hard to make more art of Heavenly Mother to help her daughters feel connected to Her and honestly it brings so much joy to me and so I have to share it with you and also I feel like this person deserves an update. 

Just yesterday Amber Eldredge posted my all-time favorite painting of Heavenly Mother ever, which is what inspired this answer. Here's THAT masterpiece:


Isn't that just SPECTACULAR? Oh my gosh, I am in love with this! I want it in EVERY YW ROOM ON THE PLANET. Every time I look at it my heart just swells because you can feel the truth and importance of our belief in Her. It's such a unique belief, and I wish more people knew that we believed in and loved a Divine Mother.  This is from @thecoloramber on Instagram. If you love this as much as I do, you can buy a print of it for $14 on her shop, linked here.

She has another one that I really love as well. I love having Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, the field of tulips is spectacular, and I just feel really loved when I read the caption because the little baby is meant to be us. Me. You. Anyone that looks at it. And it's just really sweet:  


 My next favorite artist is @ettakay.art, her store can be found here. She has SO MANY pieces about Heavenly Mother and the divine feminine, and no two of them look the same. That's important to me, because Heavenly Mother is accessible to all, she doesn't have to look any one way and I love that so many Mormon feminists are making an attempt to be more intersectional, especially with their art. Here's a line of my favorites of hers: 


 I love this one because it has both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother together and they are happy and it's just AH! 


 This one is really cool because it's based on the painting of God the Father by Cima da Conegliano. You can't buy prints of it yet, but it is on her Instagram. 


This one is the current profile picture for the @ourmotherinheaven account that I follow, it was made by Heather Kay though. I love this one because She looks so wise. The title of the piece is "Her Eye is On the Sparrow" which to me indicates how much She cares about the smallest of beings with such love. I think the simplicity is beautiful, and just in general it's really really really amazing. 


This one is interesting to me too. I like the star-studded robe She is wearing because of its indication of Godhood. I like how She is clearly thinking about something. I love the colors. I just love IT. 


Okay but WOW, right? Obviously this one is based on Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting "The Creation of Adam". Also obviously, she (the artist) has included the veil (BEAUTIFUL!) to indicate how much Heavenly Mother wants to be in contact with her, and that we are all yearning for that relationship. I can't think of any divine mother that wouldn't want to hear from and support Her children. That's what this one shows to me. 

The last one isn't of Heavenly Mother, but it makes me think of Her anyway... because this painting shows how I feel when I think of her. This one is called "Wholiness" 


Ah!!!!! Doesn't this just make you smile???? The colors! The elegance! The meaning! The connection! I love it. 

Okay. Next up is this one from @rachelthompsonart:


This one I love because of all of the details that are hidden in the abstract of it, and the look of strength and intelligence on Her face. 

Angela Reichman (@angelareichman on Instagram) created this piece, which is a different style but is still sweet. It focuses not just on Her womanhood, but Her motherhood. 


This one I found on seekingheavenlymother.com, done by Emily Yeung (@eveyeungart), it's simple and modern but I think it's pretty. 


Okay and lastly, I know you saw the one from Caitlyn Connolly (@caitlyn_connolly_) on the previous answer, so I won't include that one twice, but there is also ANOTHER one that is special and cosmic and just generally really cool, I just found it today and wish I had seen it sooner: 



Don't these just make your soul sing? I think they're really great. I'm so grateful for so many women in the Church who have such amazing talents that they're using to bless the rest of us with art like this. I'm sure there will be more and more coming, but for now, these are the ones that I'm most aware of and a huge fan of. I'm trying to decide how big of a print I want to get of that first one to put in my room because it's AMAZING. Don't these make you so happy?