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Question #92885 posted on 01/27/2020 7:12 a.m.

Dear Goldie Rose,

What day was your baby born on??



Dear Sheebs,

I feel like I cheated a little bit. My sisters had their babies super fast and super early. I was convinced for a while Carl Jr was going to be born in December since that was the timetable my family expected of me. I was getting the worst sleep ever and had so much sciatic pain everywhere. I was SO done being pregnant. My family was shocked I hadn't gone into labor yet. I would get daily texts that included #BabyWatch2020 from family members, asking me if I was showing any signs of labor.

My weekly appointment rolled around and I'm the perfect candidate for being induced. I tried my darnedest to get induced right after my appointment (we were packed and everything). MY OB denied my pleas but agreed to the next day. 

We get to the hospital the next day at 8 am and Carl Jr was born not even 8 hours later! Apparently I was in labor and didn't really know I was? My contractions were 7 minutes apart (my OB told me to come in at 7 minutes apart) and my water was leaking before they started the drug that jump starts labor. (Sorry if that was TMI.) I didn't even recognize the contractions since Carl Jr moved around SO much. I thought it was him continuing his dance party from the night previous. I'm pretty sure I would have had him in the car had I not gotten induced. No epidural, no nothing. (HIGHLY recommend an epidural, I felt nothing after I got it.)

To indirectly answer your question, Carl Jr was born on Luciana and Tipperary's birthday. Birthday buddies! I suppose I now owe them a prize of some sorts, but I haven't figured out yet what that will be...

-Goldie Rose