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Question #929 posted on 10/13/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why is it that at the football games they play the song from star wars and we wave our hands up and down? Is this something the band randomly does just so they can watch thousands of students do something they don't understand or is there a method to all this madness?

-football fan

A: Dear Fan,

There is, dear reader, a method to the madness. When the band plays the Imperial March, watch the drumline closely, specifically the snare drummers. They now vary it a little bit, but the up and down "march" of the arms came originally from the flamboyant style of our very own drumline. Wind players saw the drummers doing it, then the fans saw the band doing it, and now the circle of intimidation is complete. There is none who can withstand the auricular supremacy of the BYU fans, nor dares to audible on third down.

::: Latro :::