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Question #92904 posted on 02/05/2020 12:52 a.m.

Hi Cerulean,

I hear you like maps. I don't have any specific cartographic requests today, so instead:

1. What is a map you have personally made that you are proud of?

2. What are some of the best maps you've seen lately?



Dear yayayayay,

Wow, I feel so honored. Thanks for the questions :) I'd forgotten until now that you were once a geography student at BYU, so that's fun. (Thanks for that advice, by the way. It was much appreciated.)

1. Out of all the maps I've made, the one I am most proud of is probably this map of North Carolina. Perhaps you're familiar with this assignment in Geography 312. I'm probably most proud of it because it's definitely the map I've spent the most time on. It went through many, many revisions, as you can see here. I also recently made a map of William and Dorothy Wordsworth's excursions in the Lake District which I was quite pleased with.

2. I was going to try to narrow this down to three, but I just can't, so you get five.

  • I'm always impressed with everything this guy touches. I just think his maps are beautiful. There's a reason he's like the top cartography guy at Esri.
  • This week I saw a dashboard/map thing on the coronavirus which was pretty cool. GIS in action! When I tried to link it here, it didn't seem to be working anymore, but this article has an explanation and some pictures. 
  • I recently stumbled across the Joaquin Neighborhood Plan and spent forever looking through it. It has some really interesting information in the form of maps. Maps are always more interesting when they are of a place you care about.
  • National Geographic's Drowning in Plastic map is not exactly recent, but it is one of my all-time favorite maps.
  • I LOVE this map because it combines two of my favorite things: Wikipedia and maps!!

Once again, thanks for the question!



P.S. One more for anyone who is still clicking on all these links :)