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Question #92914 posted on 02/17/2020 11:31 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am looking at buying a new golf cart this spring to get around our lake house. I was wondering if anyone here has experience owning a golf cart, or have a brand preference (or most recommended carts from your family members, friends, etc.)?

I found a newer article on the Best Golf Cart on the Market for 2020, but I can never tell if the manufacturer's pay publications for these types of articles to be written...

I figured I'd ask the trusty BYU family!


PS. I'm also worried if I buy an electric golf cart the the golf cart batteries will be expensive to replace (based on how much they are listed for on the same site). Does anyone also have any preference or advice on whether Gas carts or Electric carts are better?


Dear Alex,

Ah yes. Who among us college students and recent grads HASN'T had experience with golf carts for the lake house? I'll have my butler check the brand of my fleet of golf carts immediately.

-Fancy Shmancy Alta


Dear Alex,

Alas, I have never owned a golf cart or a lake house, and it appears my fellow writers have likewise never experienced that level of luxury. However, I have had a brush with greatness, in that my grandparents had a golf cart and it's still in the family.

I checked with my aunt who is the keeper of the golf cart, and she highly recommended it, claiming it "works great" even though it's been in the family for at least 15 years. I'm not sure what the standard life of a golf cart is, but that seems pretty long to me. It is a battery-operated Cub Cadet. She did say that there are 6 batteries that need replacing every 3 years or so, with the caveat that they live in New England so the coldness of winter might make battery life worse. If the cost of batteries gives you pause, gas carts might be a better option.

Because I lack the personal experience you are seeking, that's the best I can offer. I hope it helps.