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Question #92921 posted on 02/10/2020 11:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

One day I was taking my bike across town on the UVX bus. I sat across from a college-aged girl who first complimented my bike and then started talking to me about financial independence. She shared that she works with a young couple who worked hard for a few years and then retired for life and are both raising their kids now. It felt like she was trying to get something from me/get me to do something. I got off the bus early and went on my way, with a vague sense of uneasiness. I forgot about this encounter until today, when I was sitting in the JFSB hallway & the same girl approached a girl a few seats away from me. She complimented the girl's backpack and then went on about the same thing, asking the girl where she was financially and where she wanted to be. Have any of y'all experienced this? What do you think she's doing?



Dear Pray for Help,

This person could be either one of two things:

A) The devil trying to get people to sell their souls

B) DoTerra rep trying to get you to sell essential oils

Now obviously you want to avoid both of these, but let's hope for your sake that it's only option A.




Dear Downliner, 

Maybe she's just really friendly, did you consider that? 

Hahahaha just kidding. She is totally in an MLM and she's trying to get people to be in her downline.