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Question #92925 posted on 02/17/2020 11:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is steak overrated?



Dear Chrriiiis Traeger!

If you're going out to a steakhouse (like Outback), why not just get the REAL prize? The blooming onion. That's where it's at. 




Dear Ruth Fertel, 

Yes. Yes. Yes.

My father-in-law gave us a Ruth's Chris gift card for Christmas one year. We had the gift card for about a year, and then decided that we'd go there for his birthday as our gift. Ironically, Carl nor I even got the steak since it was WAY overpriced in our book. (I personally don't like ordering anything over $12 myself. I can get a 4 for $4 at Wendy's that I really like!) It's just a hunk of meat. Give me a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and that's a winner right there!

I may also be biased as I choked on tri tip steak when I was younger. We were having it for a Sunday dinner and I didn't chew through a piece all the way through. Cue my Mom half-heartedly patting me on the back while I had fish it out with my fingers. (Gross, I know.) Therefore, I haven't been a fan of steak since.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Ruth's,

Heck yeah. Sure, it usually tastes pretty good. Sure, I won't complain about my husband learning how to cook a steak really well on a cast-iron pan. But is it really worth ALL the hype? No. Would I be sad if I never got to eat it again? I mean, probably a little, but I would get over it pretty soon. It's like bacon. Delicious, to be sure, but overall I'm perplexed as to why people seem to go rabid when it's even mentioned.



Dear Ruth,

I feel like it is for the most part, but it is also the best cut of meat, so something has to be the best, right? I can't ever remember eating steak out (except at Maddox in Perry, and it is delicious there and sometimes not too expensive) because usually, my mom will find steak on sale for a reasonable price and then either my dad will grill it, or my mom will broil it in the oven, and it is the tastiest meal we eat as a family. I feel like other dinners can be good and definitely more comfort food, but I like the depth of taste that steak has. It's probably overrated, but it still is really good.



Dear reader, 

Yes, if only for the environmental impacts




Dear Ruth,


Dear Writers,

I don't understand how you are so fundamentally incorrect. To be fair, SOME steak is overrated - I've never been blown away by menu staples like a New York strip, but I will swoon over a good ribeye or filet mignon any day. Also, anything cooked more than medium is an abomination.