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Question #92933 posted on 02/17/2020 1:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I enjoy writing comedy sketches and have written a fair amount in recent years. Unfortunately, I find myself with not many outlets for getting said sketches onto their feet on stage or in film. So, I thought it would be fun to compile my best work into a portfolio of 10-15 sketches and send them to SNL. Kind of like a, hey, here's some of my work, if you like it please feel free to buy it and if you like it a lot please feel free to hire me...

Obviously it's a long shot, but a fun one worth taking! Any ideas on the best way for me to get these sketches into the hands or emails of the people at SNL who might care?




Dear Eugene,

That would be really cool! Way to find a creative outlet that you enjoy! Unfortunately, when I looked into how to contact SNL, I found this quote: "NBC cannot accept, consider, or pay for any unsolicited creative ideas or materials." Based on that, it looks like unless you personally know someone who works for either SNL or NBC and they've said that you should send in some of your sketches, they're completely un-receptive. 

If you're interested in eventually getting a job at SNL, here's an article that talks about how (warning: it's hard). 

I'd say your best bet for getting your sketches up off the ground would be to join a local comedy group. If you just google, "local [your area here] comedy clubs" you can find a lot of options, and then could look into each one to see if there's any way you could either join them as a writer or just send them some of your ready-made sketches as a sort of freelancer. Because they're smaller and local, you probably have a much greater chance of making it with them than you do with SNL.