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Question #92941 posted on 02/23/2020 5:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I would like to go camping and hiking more frequently, I’ve been to the national parks in Utah several times, and I’d like to go somewhere less busy but still has toilets and probably water. Do you guys have any recommendations of places you like going that are:
-Relatively close to Provo for day hikes, or within a couple hours for an overnighter
-Accessible by my low clearance 2WD car
-Minimal cost for access or campsite reservations




Dear Muir,

I have something even better! Carl and I wanted to go camping for my birthday before Carl Jr was born. (Spoiler alert: It didn't happen as it was November.) But I found out this cool website that's like AirBnb but it's for camping: HipCamp. There's a bunch of different options to input toilets, WiFi, pets allowed, campfires allowed, etc. There's also places where you can leave reviews. The website is not super popular yet, but the more people use it the better it gets.

Happy camping!

-Goldie Rose


Dear person,

Goblin Valley is a state park with both paid camping with toilets and dispersed BLM camping 11 minutes away driving, if you prefer. I was there last weekend and loved how accessible and fun it was. Access is paved and suitable for 2WD. There's many additional hikes nearby, including some beginner-friendly slot canyons like Little Wild Horse Canyon and Ding and Dang Canyons.


Check out the Goblin's Lair! We had this hidden gem all to ourselves.


 Some people rappel into this. We are not those people.


The night skies aren't too shabby, either.


Take a friend, and, if you happen to have them like a group we saw, laser guns to play laser tag among the hoodoos. Flashlight tag is a low-budget alternative.


--Ardilla Feroz