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Question #92946 posted on 02/27/2020 4:28 p.m.

Dear Sunday Night Banter,

How do you survive the newborn stage?



Dear you,

Take a deep breath and realize that if I can survive the newborn stage, then anyone can. Seriously though. A little part of me died during the newborn stage.

When my daughter was a newborn, I hardly got any sleep and it was in the middle of finals week....for me and my wife. Yeah, it was EXHAUSTING! Fortunately, my mom practically moved in with us so we could finish our finals. She is a saint and deserves all the blessings God can give her.

Now for some practical advice:

  1. It's okay to let your baby scream and cry for a little bit. Sometimes you just need to put the baby in its crib and leave the room for a few minutes.
  2. Please take advantage of family and friends who are willing to help. Just start saying "yes" to them more often.
  3. Be sure to eat and sleep because you know what's worse than the newborn stage? Being tired and hangry during the newborn stage.
  4. Take advantage of being outside of your house. Seriously, you can go anywhere (as long as it doesn't endanger your child) and it will be better than being cooped up in your house. Whenever the temperature isn't too cold outside, be sure to soak up the sun rays.
  5. Get some gas relief drops and use them often. Why didn't anyone tell me that some babies just have a hard time passing gas and they'll scream like they're dying?
  6. Take pictures and videos of cute moments so when you are having a hard time you can look back on happy memories.
  7. Just take it one day at a time. You can do this! If you've made it this far, then you can keep going. I'm sure you are an outstanding parent.

I hope that helps!

-Sunday Night Banter

P.S. If this is a baby asking how to survive the newborn stage, then I don't have much advice for you because you can't read and if you could, then you're not in the newborn stage. Please be a chill baby for your parents. Thanks!


Dear Dying,

You don't. 

Remind yourself that it's okay not to get everything done on your to do list. Your newborn is only a newborn once. It's very possible they're going to outgrow the cuddling, so cherish those cuddles while they last.

Always remember that your baby is just that- a baby. They are probably frustrated that they can't communicate with you, but they're trying their best. Although Google isn't technically a doctor, Google may be the best thing you have when it comes to 3 am feedings and you have no idea why your baby is doing what they're doing. (You can also call an advise nurse.)

Join a Facebook group for babies that were born the same month as your little one. I'm in the group January 2020 Babies. Sometimes Mom's ask the question I'm wondering myself and I can just search the group. It's great

Go with your gut instinct. If something is wrong and you continually think something is wrong, you're probably right. A pediatrican didn't think Carl Jr has a cow's milk protein allergy (he said it was possible). But he decided his symptoms were due to his bad acid reflux. Well, that didn't sit well with me and I did some research. Carl Jr has all the symptoms for CMPI besides three of them. (No wonder why these last 7 weeks have been so difficult.)

Zippered onesies for sleeping. NO SNAPS. 

-Goldie Rose