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Question #92949 posted on 03/06/2020 7:24 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've got myself a predicament. I'm a man who does quite a bit of walking in and around campus (5-7 miles a day) and because of that I am go through about a pair of shoes a semester. I'd like some more durable shoes but I don't want to succumb to running shoes or pay a fortune. I'm currently wearing a pair of boots I got from TJMaxx that are on their last few weeks.

-Thoughts, suggestions, advice?


Dear Aziraphale,

If you want really good, durable shoes, you're either going to have to pay a fortune, or find an incredibly good sale. Good shoes cost money. However, bad shoes cost you more in the long run in both foot problems and buying more pairs.



Dear TSA,

My gut instinct is in favor of skate shoes (like Vans) since they usually have thick soles. However, I don't know the exact type of shoe you're looking for or which part normally wears the fastest. You could also try and find a shoe with a replaceable sole, though I've only ever heard of this for dress shoes.