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Question #92950 posted on 03/03/2020 7:51 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a crippling caffeine addiction (2 20 oz Dr. Peppers a day, usually) and want to stop drinking so much caffeine. Any advice for weaning myself off without being really tired in the morning?

-My Name Here


Dear Are-You-Me-?,

I just want to say, I've quit caffeine a bunch of times so I'm basically a pro!

Okay, but real talk, I do have some tips. Hopefully these will help:

  1. Switch to Diet Dr. Pepper first. That way instead of quitting sugar and caffeine at the same time, you take them one by one. 
  2. Try and quit during a relatively calm week. I've had the most success quitting during weeks where school wasn't super busy. The reason I have to keep quitting is because midterms and finals drive me back to the caffeine, so I wouldn't recommend trying to quit during busy times such as those.
  3. Replace it with something else. Especially with morning routines, the routine is just as much a part of your habit as the caffeine is. Maybe try replacing it with a nice herbal tea or something.

Also, Inklings pointed out that your current dose of caffeine is 136.6 mg which is only a little more than a typical cup of coffee (95mg). SO the take away is that you don't have much more to go! It'll be hard, but you're already in a good place so don't stress too much. You've got this!