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Question #92970 posted on 03/11/2020 11:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I’m signing up for classes for summer term. I’ll be attending byu as a visiting student and i’m wondering how many credits i should take. I was thinking i’d take religion, writing and SFL 160 which would be 8 credits. is that too many for the summer? I also hope to get a part time job on campus, but if i drop SFL 160 then i’d need to take another credit to be considered a full time student. thoughts? i’d appreciate any advice or suggestions. thanks! keep up the good work! love the 100 hr board!

-soon to be freshman


Dear Freshie, 

Welcome! We're happy you came to ask us this question. I've got a few thoughts for you. Are they organized? No. But they're more organized than the current White House's response to Coronavirus so, that's something right? 

What you need to know is that there are many ways to have an 8 credit term, and none of them are going to be the same. So much of it depends on your personal study habits, the professors you get, and the classes you choose to take. 

Religion classes, in my opinion, are easy. As long as you get a good professor. Be prepared to do a lot of reading all the time, so take a course you think you can handle. In my personal opinion, Eternal Families and Book of Mormon classes are the easiest ones to take. I have recommended professors, but you'll have to email me for that information. 

I'm in SFL 160 right now and I'm (mostly) enjoying it (the professor I'm taking it from isn't my favorite, and the papers get graded really harshly, so it's... an adventure.) If you take it from the professor I'm taking it from, she basically doesn't make us do any reading, there are only papers and weekly quizzes. I'm unsure exactly how she would restructure it for the summer, but in my personal opinion, SFL 160 is a really easy class and completely manageable. I wouldn't recommend dropping it if you're worried, because it's pretty easy. 

Now, writing. Ah, writing. That one is volatile. If you get a bad professor (which is totally possible. Writing 150 is a game of roulette sometimes) then your life may well be miserable. Unless you're a good writer. But it takes a lot of work, sometimes a lot of reading, and you will probably hate having to write like 3 big papers in the course of barely 2 months.

So in my personal opinion, if you're going to drop a class, you should drop writing and take it during a full semester so it's less insane. Pick something else, like SOC 111, where you do more in-class stuff than reading and the material is easy and you don't have difficult writing assignments. 

But make sure you just know yourself and your situation. If you're a hard worker and a good writer, I think you can do it! Also, if you get a part-time job on campus, sometimes they allow you to use computers and do your homework (which some jobs do, like desk-reception jobs) and if that's your case, you'll be completely fine. 

If you're worried about it I'd say you should drop writing and take something easier like SOC 111, 112, or 113 (Each of which will fulfill a GE!) 

Cheers and good luck,