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Question #92988 posted on 03/27/2020 7:05 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If love is blind, why do we got to look pretty all the time?

- Patt


Dear Patt,

You don't. Your job isn't to impress other people. Those who truly love you don't care. Obviously you should still practice basic hygiene but long lashes, big muscles, and top of the line outfits won't matter to the people you actually want in your life. 




Dear Person,

Love is blind, but attraction isn't.

Unfortunately, at the start of dating, all we have to go off of is appearances and first impressions. When that's all you have to go off, that stuff matters more. And if you don't know when you need to make a good impression, the natural thing to do is to always make good first impressions. 

This is a logical thing to do. When I started dating my fiancee my car was always clean, I never wore sweats, and I never passed gas in her presence. Imagine if I did those things on our first date. Relationship over.

But now, we've been dating for several months, we're engaged, and we love each other. It's great because I don't have to keep myself "pretty" all the time. Now that we know each other deeply those other things aren't important. Love really is blind, which is great because I tell the stupidest jokes and my fiancee pity laughs and it's the sweetest thing ever.  The "love is blind" part of relationships is super great. You just have to get to that part.

So good luck, and keep on keeping on!




Dear you,

Because your lover probably isn’t.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Pat,

Because looking like we're doing pretty good for pretty much of the time is pretty sufficient.



Dear Patt,

I hardly ever bother looking pretty or putting effort into my appearance, and I still go through periods where I’m inexplicably irresistible to men.

Live your life, and if other people don’t like looking at you, that’s their problem. 




Dear Patty Cake,

Carl MUST be blind. I only put on makeup once a week for church, and I wash my hair twice a week IF I'm lucky. #MomLife (It's actually been more like twice a week, I've improved since this question was asked, woo!)

My hair usually looks something like this during the week...


Carl tells me I'm beautiful, no matter what I look like. True wuv.

-Goldie Rose