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Question #92990 posted on 03/18/2020 11:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Apparently (at least according to this 15 year old article: https://universe.byu.edu/2005/01/12/university-prepared-for-emergencies/) all of the buildings on campus built before 1970 have been upgraded to seismic standard codes, with the exception of the Abraham O. Smoot Building.

Has the Smoot building been upgraded since then? Is anyone who might be in there during a big earthquake in more danger than everyone else on campus?




Dear God of Earthquakes,

When I originally saw your question, I was wondering why the heck you're worried about earthquakes when there's a pandemic going around. Now I'm just convinced there's a readership conspiracy out there determined to overthrow the world. (Little did I know this question WASN'T hypothetical... )

To actually answer your question, judging by this article, every building constructed prior to 1990 is at a higher risk. Due to that, I would find it unlikely that the Smoot building is the most dangerous building to be in on campus during an earthquake.