"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn
Question #92998 posted on 05/26/2020 2:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are you social distancing? What are you doing to stay sane?

- Martin



Social distancing is no longer hip, but I am only now getting to finish my answer. When it was cool, I wrote these words to the Primary song "Family History: I am doing it!". Enjoy.

Social distancing- I am doing it,
My social distancing. 
And the joy I feel as I'm doing it
Is very sweet to me. 
I heed warning signs from the government
We work as one big team. 
I keep germs off of my loved ones
Through soap and hand-washing. 



Dear friend,

I'm not going out and about but I have been walking to Pebble's house every once in a while. We agreed as long as we both only talk to each other it's acceptable because it's a closed circuit and we aren't being vectors for the virus/bringing it to anyone else. I wash my hands before I leave and when I get there, we sanitize surfaces, and keep up regular hygiene practices. 

So yes, I'm social distancing. And I'm miserable. I hate this. I'm stressed as heck and I have no motivation to do school work and I'm supposed to get married somehow. Sane? I'm not sane. I haven't been sleeping so I'm taking melatonin and it's giving me freaking weird dreams. I watch a lot of Netflix. I cry a lot. I'm not getting a lot done, even though it feels like I'm working all the time. 

The only thing keeping me at least somewhat stable right now is my classes. Having a routine where I have to wake up to do Zoom lectures and homework assignments is helping me get back on track slowly. That, and deciding to obsess about self-care routines like skincare and hair washing. 




Dear you,

I'm on my third day working from home, which means I never leave my bedroom and I'm going slightly crazy.

Basically I give myself a lot of small breaks: taking out the trash, visiting with my roommates in the living room, getting groceries. You'd think I would have more time and energy to devote to schoolwork, but I'm definitely still procrastinating that.

I'm very grateful to still be working from home 40 hours a week because otherwise I'd be losing it.




Dear Marlin,

I am social distancing, thankfully I can work from home. How am I staying sane? Taking full advantage of the pass/fail grading.




Dear Martin,

I've hardly gone outside since Carl Jr was born (which was in the beginning of January). Y'all think YOU'RE going stir crazy? Honey, you have no idea. I was looking forward to going back to church (if Mom gets sick, baby most likely gets sick). But then church was cancelled the week I was planning on going. AHHH! -rips out hair-

I've been taking long walks to the mailbox, that's been nice. If I'm lucky, I'm the one who drives to Walmart to get our grocery store pick-up! But I'm immunocompromised so I really shouldn't venture outside. Other than that, I'm so tired I don't have much energy to do anything fun.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Martin,

I'm enjoying social distancing because I broke the social distancing rule 10 days ago to fly home to my family. My work went remote, minnow's classes went remote, we realized we could not survive quarantining ourselves in our tiny studio apartment, so minnow, my sister (who was at BYU until they, too, went remote), and I all flew out to social distance with our parents. 

The advantage of age is we can all live under one roof and not try to kill each other anymore. My dad and I have been polite about our disagreements about Trump, minnow and I have been able to keep our opposing comments to a minimum during home church, and we're all ready and willing to take our share of cooking and cleaning. And it helps that my parents live in a small town, where we can go on walks and runs often and never worry about staying far over 6 feet from anyone else.

The only disadvantage is I am highly allergic to my hometown, so my eyes haven't stopped watering from the moment I stepped out of the plane. But besides that, social distancing has gone surprisingly well. I'm rereading all my favorite childhood books, doing yoga with my family under my sister's instructions (she took a semester of it at BYU, so she's basically a master), and waiting for the rain to clear up so we can go on a hike.

-guppy of doom


Dear you,

Yes, I'm social distancing. However, my in-laws don't really think COVID-19 is anything to worry about, so I'll be hanging out with them on Saturday. Hopefully none of us have the virus.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home with a salaried job. To stay sane, I'm taking lots of walks with my daughter and going picture taking (all with proper social distancing protocols).

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear you,

I am very much social distancing. I live by myself and see no one ever. While I am introverted, and so am coping with this better than an extroverted person would, it is still hard to be so completely isolated. 

But then again, in most of the moments of my life when I was feeling intensely alone and wanted more than anything for a shoulder to cry uncontrollably on, no one was there, so I've already kind of learned to deal with it.