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Question #93008 posted on 03/27/2020 11:51 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How do you get into a NCMO? Like do you ask? When do you ask? Or does it just happen?

– Single Pringle


Dear Lays,

I have absolutely no idea, but I would definitely disrupt it somehow.

~Anathema, still with virgin lips


Dear Pringle,

Just warning you, your Non-Committal Make Out may come with some Very Committal Viral Infection. Put the NO in NCMO and remember social distancing.




Dear NCMOing will definitionally keep you that way,

In my experience, it seems like you need to find friends who either 1) are very open about how they would definitely make out with any pretty girl who asked them to or 2) straight up tell you they'd like to make out with you the second time you ever spend time with them, and who continue to bring it up and joke about it with seemingly no shame*. And then you take them up on their offer**.

*It should be noted that friends like these do not seem to be very common.

**Also, I have not taken either of them up on their offer. I don’t intend to. Don’t @ me.