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Question #93013 posted on 04/06/2020 4:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can anyone give me recommendations for musical artists that are similar to Windshield? Specifically songs like: Stay for a Minute, Those Summer Nights, I'm Thinking About You, and Still Got the Vibe.

Pandora and Spotify haven't been very helpful and I need you. Please don't let me down.

-My Alias Here


Dear Ali,

If you know me, you know that I actually am not a huge music person (I’m more of a podcasts gal), so I am totally out of my wheelhouse, but I have a friend who LOVES answering this sort of question, so I asked for her input. Her recommendations are Ben Zaidi, Whitney, HONNE, and The Greeting Committee. Here's what she had to say about them: 

"Ben Zaidi has a great song called "Choose You Twice" that's soft and sweet. Whitney has recently been releasing really nostalgic sounding music that's easy to listen to but also has pretty profound lyrics. Their voices are almost always muted but they're really original. HONNE and The Greeting Commitee both have great more fast beat songs with great lyrics as well, both pretty unique/indie feeling sounds."

Hope that helps!