"There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction."-Salvador Dali
Question #93026 posted on 05/03/2020 9:16 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Some of you have probably seen the thing floating around social media where people post 10 things they dislike that most people really like. So, writers, what are 10 generally popular things that you dislike?

-Long Showers


Dear Long Showers are my FAVORITE,

  1. Pie ;)
  2. Mushy foods (oatmeal, guacamole) or textured foods (oranges, yuck!)
  3. Skinny jeans rolled up in the winter with ankle boots.
  4. Rain
  5. Most of what Anathema said (#2 and #9 I disagree, and I've never seen The Greatest Showman)
Honestly, I can't think of five more by myself.
-Goldie Rose

Dear Contemplative Condensation, 

I would never consider myself a particularly picky person, but every time I have confessed these opinions I have gotten shocked gasps, so clearly I'm picky about something. 

1) Apple Pie. No fruit that is normally cold and crispy should ever be cooked until it is the consistency of a worm. This is not how apples are meant to taste. 

2) Board Games. I don't need a justification for this one. Applies mostly to Video Games too (except for Minecraft, the holy grail of games.) They start fights, they're boring, and I'd rather use my time doing something productive like rearranging the spices in my kitchen cupboard alphabetically by country of origin. 

3) Ranch. You people put this dressing on EVERYTHING! Why? How? It's disgusting! And the deranged souls who eat it with pizza?!?! (I'm looking at you, Pebble.) Unbelievable. 

4) Salad Dressing in general. Look man, if I'm going to eat my veggies, I'd like them to taste like veggies. None of this vinegar garbage. Square up and eat your greens, you cowards. 

5) Jello. Who decided this texture of food was even legal? Get that out of my face. (I will concede, however, that I LOVE the Jello dessert with the pretzel crust, cheesecake filling, and raspberry jello topping.) 

6) Long Hair. I know having long, luscious tresses is like, all the rage these days and people will drown themselves in biotin to get there, but I'm always happier with a shoulder-length or shorter bob cut. And the whole "mermaid hair" thing isn't really that cute. Where did the cult following for hair extensions even come from? There is nothing about longer hair that makes you prettier.

7) Harry Potter. It's overhyped. Sue me. The only thing I really cared for in Harry Potter World at Universal was the frozen butterbeer. Which was $7 a cup. 

8) Cheese, most of the time. Sure, I'm a sucker for mozzarella sticks. But super cheesy pizza? Cheese-topped casseroles? Thick slices of anything other than cheddar (and maybe swiss) on a sandwich? No thanks. 

9) Movie Theaters. Some people are addicted to watching movies on the silver screen. Apparently, it's about "the experience" or something? Oh, you mean a throbbing headache from visual and auditory overstimulation, anxiety induced by loud noises and stressful fictional situations, and paying $13 for a movie I can watch for $2 in 3 months? Doesn't track. I only see movies in the theater when someone else volunteers to take me. Except Frozen 2. And that was worth it. 

10) Diet Coke/Cola sodas. What is it with Mormons and Diet Coke? I don't understand. It's not just Mormons either, the whole planet seems to love Coca Cola, or some rendition of it. I think it tastes like bile. There is nothing appealing about the flavor of Cola at all. I can tolerate Dr. Pepper, even though it tastes like cough syrup it's still better than coke. Look, if you're going to be putting Carbonic Acid into your system, commit to something delicious like a good Root Beer. 




Dear Beauteous Relaxation, 

  1. Playing video games. I can understand why other people love them, but I really don't.
  2. Pop Rocks. This is some of the worst candy ever. Why would you want something exploding in your mouth? It's like someone was thinking about horrific tortures, and decided to make it into a candy.
  3. Ward activities. Sure, I have been to a couple of ward activities over the course of my life that I actually enjoyed, but for the most part, they make me feel awkward, and I just skulk around the edges looking for the fastest escape with whatever food I scavenged.
  4. Playing or watching most every sport with the exception of the Olympics and gymnastic meets. 
  5. Spinny rides. Any ride that spins you around in a circle is the worst. I don't understand how anyone likes them (probably people who don't feel like violently throwing up directly afterwards).
  6. Not wearing a bra when not in public. I keep seeing memes about bras becoming one of the least used items now that we're all in quarantine, and I cannot relate.
  7. Boba (the round ball things at the bottoms of some drinks) is gross. It's slimy and has the consistency of the center of an eyeball. 
  8. Puzzles (as in the pictures that are cut up into little pieces that you put back together). People often assume that because I like math I also like puzzles. I don't.
  9. Having a pet. I love for people around me to have pets because then I can partake of their cuteness and afterwards retreat to my pet-hair free apartment and never have to bother about cleaning up poop/urine/vomit.
  10. The Greatest Showman. This movie had so much potential to be magically whimsical, but that chance was gutted with the horribly auto-tuned music. Auto-tuned music is horrible and should never be allowed near a musical.



Dear reader,

Things I don't like that most people do, in no particular order. (I'm sticking with 5 because I'm honestly not sure I can come up with 10.)

  1. Halloween. Do most people like Halloween? I don't know, but I'm assuming that if they didn't then we would have gotten rid of it by now.
  2. Action movies. Although I have to say, they are definitely growing on me!
  3. Music. It's not that I don't like music; I actually love it. It's just that I don't love/need it as much as other people do. It kinda just doesn't occur to me. Like I have not listened to music, other than just the music that people are playing around me, in months.
  4. Video games. Just never gotten into them.
  5. Dogs. I've mentioned this before. I really do think it's mostly the smell that gets me.




Dear rainstorm,

1. I really don't find any redeeming qualities whatsoever in scary movies. I have no problem with fiction that's bleak or dark or heavy, but I don't like fiction that's simply disturbing or frightening for its own sake. Fear and suspense are not thrilling as far as I'm concerned.

2. I'm not a big fan of dogs. They're too loud, rambunctious, and needy. Give me a cat instead any day of the week. I also startle at the sound of a pin dropping, so getting laughed at every time I flinch at a dog barking (including my own family's dogs) gets really old really fast.

3. Anime is not very good. This one often surprises people who know me, since I've studied Japanese language and culture since junior high and continue to do so at BYU. I just don't like it. In fairness, I really don't like TV shows or movies in general, either (watching things happen feels too passive to me compared to reading a book or playing a video game at my own pace). But anime in particular has yet to sell me on its redeeming qualities. In general, I find it tropey, boring, and overindulgent in sloppy, senseless writing and annoyingly gratuitous fanservice. If I'm going to give up valuable time to sit and watch a story unfold with no agency involved on my part, it needs to be really good, like Person of Interest, or maybe the first three seasons of Spongebob.

(I digress. Suffice it to say I don't like anime. I conclude this complaint by noting that the first anime I ever watched, on a friend's recommendation, was Sword Art Online. You can probably see how this opinion came about.)

4. In keeping with my reclusive, risk-averse, low-thrill nature, I don't like rollercoasters, not even a bit. I understand how they're supposed to be fun, but when I was little the feeling of being on them terrified me, and now that I'm older, it still just makes me feel sick, not thrilled. I have a very, very low tolerance for high-speed thrills.

5. Sports. When they were handing out the earthly likes and dislikes up in the premortal council, I must have gotten separated from the rest of the family in the sports line, because I have not the faintest interest in either playing or watching a single one. Growing up I loved Super Bowl Sunday not because I cared a bit about the game or the commercials but because it meant I got the rest of the house to myself.

6. Watching TV shows or movies, in general. If this is just padding from #3, sue me. Like I said, I really don't particularly like the experience of just sitting down and watching things happen. I prefer to be more involved with the story, either through reading it or actually playing it, if it's a game. Unless the show or the movie is really good, I tend to lose interest and start feeling the urge to actively do something with my time. 

7. I have to concur with Josefina on dates. Outside of my brief relationship, I've never been on a date that I think benefited from being labeled one. I understand the Church's push against generalized, purposeless "hanging out" among YSAs, but I'd sooner do that than agree to a formalized hour or more with a total stranger, with the express purpose of seeing if we're compatible enough to sit through more hours just like it. Yuck.

8. Meeting new people. (Are you seeing themes here? I sure am.) Maybe this one isn't popular enough to count for this list? I'm going to assume enough extroverts will read this that it's fair. Anyway, it's just exhausting and uncomfortable. One of my closest friends from my mission still makes fun of me over the day we met, where I was stiff, lifeless, and awkward, while our friendship now is anything but. I don't mean to be this way, but I can't really help it.

9. Most mainstream pop music. I don't really dislike it, but I don't feel particularly attached to any of it, either. I'm not conversant with just about anything you hear on the radio, and the closest I get to well-known bands is probably Paramore and All Time Low. If you recognize neither of those names, we probably won't have much in common musically.

10. Driving. I never really liked it to begin with, but after totaling a car about a year ago, I can scarcely tolerate it. On particularly bad days, I don't even like being a passenger in a moving car. There are no feelings worse than an out-of-control vehicle.




Dear you,

1. Country music. Just doesn't sound good, sorry. 

2. Cold pizza. Congealed grease? No thanks.

3. Most sports. They're not interesting to watch, and I just didn't really grow up in a family that plays the sports most people play (soccer, football, basketball, etc). 

4. Lots of party games - especially that genre of games that doesn't involve any sort of app, board, card deck, or other equipment. I almost always end up playing them with people I don't know very well, and they tend to put people on the spot and/or require physically interacting with people as part of the game, which makes me anxious.

5. Dates. There's just so much weird formality and pressure around things when they've got the "date" label on them. I don't often talk with my close friends for two hours straight, let alone some stranger or random acquaintance. I'll go on dates, but until we're close enough to have comfortable silences, I'll dread it. Sorry.