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Question #93037 posted on 05/17/2020 3:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you could choose a name for yourself other than the one you were born with, what would you choose and why?

-My Name Here


Dear Aziraphale,

I absolutely love my name. It's not weird at all, but it's also uncommon enough that I haven't run into very many other people with the same name. My parents found the perfect balance of a name that is beautiful, traditional, yet not very common. I can't think of a first name I would prefer to have. However, my parents did not give me a middle name, and I always have wanted one. My middle name of choice is Rose. I first came up with this desired middle name when I was in elementary school. There isn't any special significance behind it other than I like the sound of it following my first name.



Dear friend,

I have the most generic name in the United States. Literally. My name gets used on fake credit cards. That's why I'm definitely taking Pebble's last name when we get married (Which is on the 25th now, in case anyone was keeping track. Not too hot, not too cold... all you need is a nice jacket, and a screen to watch the live feed of the ceremony!) 

I have such a generic name that I was once told at a job interview they almost didn't call me in because they thought it was a fake application. Suffice it to say, I have frequently thought of what other names I might like to go by. I tend to like old-timey vintage names, especially ones that are longer so you have lots of options for cute nicknames. Here's the ones I have considered (some of which also come from my baby name list.) 

- Eleanor
- Louise 
- Charlotte 
- Amelia
- Lillian 
- Shirley 
- Marjorie  
- Penelope 
- Rosemary
- Olivia (this one is because my Grandpa loves this name and wrote a poem about how beautiful it feels to say the name "Olivia") 




Dear you,

It's funny since I would never name my own child this name, but I would happily give it to myself since I know I would love it. Viola! (Vye-oh-la) It's not pronounced like the instrument. 

The reason being is because I have a special connection to someone with that name that I did the temple work for. Surprise surprise, she happens to be the mother of the son that I named my own son after.... ;) She's also the daughter of my 3rd great grandfather who told me in the Celestial Room, "Thanks for sealing me to the couple who took me in when I was young, but I really don't care." OUCH Y'ALL. (I mean, I only based off two and a half of my genealogy classes based on his family! Each class was a 50 hour project.)

ANYWAY. Since I had to patiently wait for Viola's initiatory reservation to expire from someone, her temple work was completed AFTER my 3rd great grandfather. It was very interesting to me since I knew that he hadn't accepted the gospel yet, but I strongly believe that Viola is strong in the gospel in the spirit world and that she has taught her Dad since then (and hopefully he's accepted it.) 

-Goldie Rose


Dear you,

I really love my name! Unfortunately, though, in the twenty-ish years between my birth and the present moment, it has become a household name, which has resulted in a lot of unoriginal jokes...

I don't have a great replacement for my name, though. I asked my friends, and they all sort of struggled to think of things, but eventually came up with Lucy, Meg, and Michelle as alternatives. My littlest sister was almost named Georgiana (nickname Georgie), which I didn't really like at the time, but it's grown on me. I also really like Olivia and Mila. I was almost named Emma, which is gorgeous, but so many people I know have that name that I don't think I'd choose it for myself.




Dear anon,

I wouldn't change my name's pronunciation, but I would change its spelling. Basically everyone mispronounces my name (or my parents have mispronounced it since my birth...), but there's a slightly more common spelling of my name that almost everyone pronounces correctly. What I would give to not have every teacher and coworker mispronounce my name for the first month of knowing me...

-guppy of doom