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Question #93054 posted on 05/06/2020 1 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How are you all doing during this social isolation time? What are you all up to?

-also quarantined


Dear Clementine,

I did the isolation thing and cut my hair. Not that any of you would know the difference. But also... I GOT MARRIED. 

Exhibit 1: I am very much in love (with Pebble... and my dress) 

heart eyes.jpg

(tragically the quality of the photos is lost on the Board. Alas.) 

Exhibit 2: Pebble is TOO PRECIOUS and kisses are awesome


Exhibit 3: I required my photographer to take a picture in this little gazebo thingy because... Pride and Prejudice (even though that's the scene where she rejects his marriage proposal. It's STILL romantic.) 


In any case, I don't have photos back from our actual wedding yet. I do have to say that under the circumstances, it was pretty much ideal. It was beautiful. Pebble cried A LOT. I cried a bit too. The cake was delicious, and being married is pretty awesome. We didn't get to go to Oregon and Washington on our honeymoon as planned, but we've enjoyed watching a lot of The X-Files and trying out new recipes together. He's my best friend. I highly recommend this life choice. Also, I've had a lot of fun decorating our new apartment. 




Dear reader,

I am at home in Hawaii, just waiting for my now-entirely virtual internship to begin in June. My new favorite pastime is contributing to Wikipedia articles from the National Register of Historic Places WikiProject. In the Assessment and Collaboration section, there is a long list of tasks that people can contribute to. The one I have been working on is adding sources to articles that are only sourced to the National Register of Historic Places. If you didn't think I was dull and nerdy before, you probably do now!




Dear friend,

Like Cerulean, I too am at home in Hawaii (we actually ran into each other a week ago!). We originally meant to only come home for two weeks, but then things got super crazy so we extended our stay by two months. I'm working remotely on Pacific time, so I wake up to start working at 6 am and finish my work around 2 pm. I've been spending my free time playing games with my family, working on completing my Pokedex for Pokemon X, officially deciding to postpone my wedding until next summer, hiking and swimming at a proper social distance, laughing as minnow is forcing my family into a LOtR extended edition marathon, and baking. My parents recently bought a KitchenAid mixer and we've made whole wheat rolls, cinnamon rolls, lemon cookies, and have a ton more recipes we're excited to try out. I know I should be working to improve my mind or my talents or my fitness...but I don't have the energy or enthusiasm to do any of that right now...

-guppy of doom


Dear indoors,

My quarantine can be summed up in one image, courtesy of that Internet cesspool, Reddit.


 It's not all bad. I'm close with a number of friends I've met in game, and while voice chat isn't a perfect substitute for being out and about, it's better than nothing at all.

Also, I found out just this week that a clanmate I've played with for the last year just so happens to be a BYU grad living & working in Provo! We went and had a nice lunch courtesy of the campus Chick-fil-a (appropriately social distancing, of course.) Video games aren't a total waste of time after all.