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Question #93085 posted on 06/01/2020 8:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

First off, could you save this for Alumni week? There's no way I can remember to ask it later. I've tried, and still forgotten.

What are some good ways to cook trout without frying? I sometimes go fishing with my Grandpa and while I love the fishing, trout isn't the best tasting fish, and I really don't want to fry it all the time. So what are some other ways I can cook it?

Note: I only have a stove and an oven.


-Zwerg Zwei


Dear Zwerg Zwei,

I come from trout fisherpeople. What you want to do is bake your trout in a foil packet. Add some lemon juice and veggies and a little water. It works in an oven or near a fire. I quite like the taste of trout but it seems like this method helps out folks that don’t.

- The Black Sheep