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Question #93097 posted on 06/15/2020 7:44 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Alumni and Writers,

How was the Alumni week party?

-not yayfulness nor Inklings


Dear Inklings,

This was so great. The partygoers involved me, Entomophagist, Josephina, Inklings, Owlet, Sheebs, Stego Lily, and yayfulness. I loved seeing my old cowriters again and meeting the newer ones. We played Murder Trivia Party twice. Then yayfulness amazed us all as unstoppable force in Quiplash, but was finally unseated in the third game. For all those unable to attend, here are some inside jokes for you to enjoy:

  • "Scarf scarf scarf scarf scarf" 
  • "James and the Giant Eggplant" 
  • "Nunhundred Hour Board"

I would explain, but I'm sure you get it.