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Question #93098 posted on 06/02/2020 2:29 p.m.

Dear Babalugats,

You have music on Spotify??? Please tell us where to find it! :)




I do have music on Spotify! I have severe Imposter's Syndrome about it, and I wish they were better takes. But they exist and I'm proud of that. On principle I don't like to be overly protective of my identity. But lately I've had some reasons to stick to the nym. So if you would like to hear my music please email me at babalugats@theboard.byu.edu and I'll get you the link! I'm happy to share it with basically anyone who asks. And I have no problem fielding questions about the music publicly. It's just my music is under my literal name and it's a little too direct to just post.

And thanks for asking! I'm so happy and surprised and humbled when people are interested and actually want to listen.