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Question #93101 posted on 06/16/2020 8:17 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

You always hear scary stories about hotels. Things "They didn't use cleaner; they wiped down the sink, toilet, shower, and mirror with just a damp cloth" or "If you shine a blacklight around, you'll be horrified." These stories freak me out a little. Is there a way to find out which hotels are actually doing their proper cleaning and won't give you an STD if you spend your honeymoon in them?

Thank you,

hmmmm, germs


Dear Hmmm,

I would like to point out the way you get a sexually transmitted disease is usually through sexual contact (or contaminated body fluids). As long as no contaminated fluids are entering into your body you should be safe.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear germs-

I'm sure a lot of hotels (and/or hotel employees) cut corners on housekeeping for various reasons. Most chains have announced increased sanitation procedures what with the pandemic (which makes me wonder about what they were doing previously), so hopefully those are enforced and staff are actually given the time and resources necessary to execute the cleaning policies. Reviews on travel and booking sites are usually a decent indication of the hotel's state.

However, most of the stuff you mentioned (given Ardilla's answer) probably won't hurt you in any real way. Probably. I haven't traveled since COVID hit and I don't know if there are incidences of people getting sick from their rooms yet. I do have two practical suggestions:

  1. Look around first thing; if the room is visibly dirty, linens haven't been changed, smells like smoke, etc., just turn around and go back to the front desk to request a new room. It happens sometimes, and it's not a big deal. So long as you're polite about it, you often get an upgraded room in the bargain.
  2. As part of your cleanliness check, examine for bedbugs. It's only a few minutes and could save you endless hassle. If you spot them, I would probably not just change rooms but hotels—there's no being too careful when it comes to those infernal beasts.

Enjoy your (hypothetical) honeymoon!



Dear germs,

Read all the reviews online? Don't get a super cheap place.

-Goldie Rose