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Question #93103 posted on 05/31/2020 4:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If the Church weren't true, do you think the Brethren would know it? All three members of the First Presidency are highly educated and experienced men. They claim to receive divine inspiration, and if they didn't have said inspiration, wouldn't it be obvious to them, and wouldn't it make them conscious and deliberate liars?

I understand this is a strange hypothetical, but I do wonder how a conspiratorial religion would be able to function.


Isaac Newton


Dear Aziraphale,

Not necessarily. Intelligence and education/experience aren't guarantees for being able to discern cosmic truth. Otherwise every person meeting those qualifications would be enlightened with truth and know which religious beliefs were true, implying there would not be the vast array of religious and cosmic beliefs held by all these people. This argument also implies that ecclesiastical leaders of other faiths are either not smart, not educated, or "conscious and deliberate liars", which I strongly disagree with. 

Good, intelligent, and experienced people believe the wrong things. That's just the way this world is. The trick is that believing wrong things does not preclude also believing true things. You have to decide for yourself which things you believe are wrong or true, since no one else can do it for you (even believing someone else is a choice).