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Question #93111 posted on 06/07/2020 12:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board & Alumni,

What has been the best purchase under $5 you have recently made?

-Jar of Minced Garlic


Dear mmmmmmm garlic,

Not recent, but about 1.5 years I bought this book for 4$ - The Spooky Wheels on the Bus. It is absolutely the most successful book of our children's books, let me count the ways:

1. At first, it was just good for me to sing along to.

2. Then, he remembered he loves cars and oh my GOSH THERE IS A BUS IN THIS BOOK YES.

3. Then, baby started to notice all the other little details.

4A. Then, he learned words like spider and ghost.

4B. Then, we used those words as a jumping off point for the equivalent Russian words.

5. Then, he noticed the witch has a green hand and became obsessed with green hands. We have since found green hands in a surprising number of books.

6. Now, he calls the book "pooky bus." Adorable, full stop.

7. The book is now is multiple pieces, because it is a cheapo 4$ book. So we get to play pooky bus scavenger hunt! It's like a whole new activity.



Dear you,

A jar of capers, a packet of Montreal Fudge, a Pokémon Go remote raid pass, a pack of crayons, and Trader Joe’s lemon ginger seltzer water. 



Dear the best seasoning,

I used to think flossing was uncomfortable and that was just how it was meant to be, but when I bought new floss at the store, I got a different brand and it has made all the difference! Do I floss more because of it? No. But when I do floss, it's a much more enjoyable experience.


the Goose Girl


Dear Minced, 

A 3$ pot of beautiful blush pink mums at my neighborhood grocery store. I've never seen a pot of flowers so cheap! They make me smile and bring some light to a pretty drab apartment. 




Dear Jar of Garlic,

So Delicious Salted Caramel Cluster Ice Cream. It's SO overpriced, but the best dairy-free store bought ice cream I've ever had! It's so rich I don't need to eat very much. Which is a good thing considering you only get a pint. It's the first caramel I've tasted in a long time that ACTUALLY tastes like real caramel (that's dairy-free)! Bless.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Jar,

Pre-virus I purchased some seeds for my yard (morning glories for the fence and peppermint for the porch), but they're apparently chugging their way here from China so they still haven't arrived. Fingers crossed they're a worthwhile purchase. Also, every month as part of the world's longest ongoing Mother's Day present I send ten pictures of my kids to my mother-in-law to put in an album. I enjoy choosing which photos to send and it only costs $1.20 to have them printed and mailed directly to her. I also purchased some orange nail polish for roughly $4 because D.A.R.E. and G.I.R.L. are big Marblelympics and Marbula One fans. They love to root for the O'rangers and live to boo the Savage Speeders. (I asked D.A.R.E. for clarification on this and he said "Savage Speeders can burn in Hell!) He even has an O'rangers sweatshirt. Anyway, G.I.R.L. and I were painting our nails, I asked D.A.R.E. if he wanted his painted, and he said he'd gladly have his nails painted if I had any orange nail polish. Naturally, I hastened to the internet and ordered some. Lastly, my best purchase is also my biggest regret. The last time I was at the grocery store there was a cart full of clearance items and they had king-size Twix bars for $0.50. I bought four and immediately after returning home cursed myself for not buying as many as were in the cart. I'm older and wiser now.

-Genuine Article


Dear garlic,

Albertsons had Blue Bell ice cream for $2.99 a half gallon over Memorial Day weekend, so I got a carton. I'm not one of those obnoxious Texans who thinks Blue Bell is the best thing ever, but it's definitely above average and that's a pretty good price.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Garlic,

Zoya often has 50% off sales where their nail polish is $5, AND OCCASIONALLY they do 70% off (making it $3.) It's super high quality polish, they have a huge range of colors and even a pretty good range of finishes (creme, jelly - which generally means more sheer -, shimmers, glitters, even textured polishes), and they rarely discontinue colors. They have a 50% off sale today (June 1) which will definitely be over by the time you see this, but like I said, they happen regularly, so if you sign up for their newsletter you'll know when. Olive Ave Nails on YouTube has excellent comparison videos for Zoya polish and can help you decide what to buy, since buying nail polish from a website can be tricky without being able to see how it applies and what the color looks like on the nail (outside the promotional photos.) 

So good.



Dear Garlic,

I bought This War of Mine on a Steam sale for $3.99 this week but haven't had a chance to play yet and don't want to hold this question over hours any longer. Check back in next year and I'll let you know whether it lives up to my expectations!



Dear Joan,

Probably 3 pastries at my local Asian Bakery. And then I bought 8 more because I had more than $5.



Dear you,

Amazingly delicious gourmet rootbeer.



Dear jar,

It would have been Drawful 2, which was on sale for something like nine cents a month ago. It would have been, had I not shelled out fifteen bucks a few days before the sale.

It would have been Civilization VI, which Epic Games was giving away for free a couple of weeks ago. It would have been, had I not shelled out twenty bucks a few days before the sale.

I need to stop buying games.

- D. A. R. E.


Dear better than chopped, 

I ...patreon’d? Subscribed on Patreon? A ha, became a patron for my favorite Youtuber. I love her main channel videos (like ranking all 14 of The Land Before Time movies), but they don’t come out very frequently, so getting to see monthly videos on random topics has really lifted my spirits during lockdown. 

-Auto Surf 


Dear Garlic,

I recently purchased some cheap stitch markers for knitting so that I could do some color-coordinated stitch marking on my latest knitting project--a blanket for my in-laws. Honestly, I'm pretty proud of the system I came up with for writing out a pattern and matching the stitch markers to it, especially since I'm a relatively new knitter. 



Dear same,

Last October, I bought a knitting loom on clearance at Target for $3. It reignited a love for knitting that had been dormant since I was a kid. Mostly I do loom knitting, but I'm also trying to improve knitting with needles. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a little wild and learn to crochet. All because of a $3 bargain.

-Van Goff