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Question #93113 posted on 06/07/2020 1:26 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is an underrated song you feel should have received more attention?

~Avocado Monsoon~


Dear ~Avacado ~

Back when I used Pandora to suggest music to me, I fell in love with "You're the Only One I Want" by Skyler Stonestreet. I fell in love with it. But I can't find a digital version anywhere! I would 100% buy it and add it to my playlists, but it appears as though she doesn't want my money. I have been wanting this for at least 4 years. I had actually almost forgotten about it until you asked this. Luckily this time I found a YouTube cover, so I got to at least listen to it again while writing this answer. (But seriously, readers, if you find a way for me to legally buy a digital copy, please tell me! I just want to give her my money!)

~ Dragon Lady

Update: Yellow has found a way to stream the official version, but still no way to buy and download. 


Dear AM,

I'm still a bit miffed that "555" by Jimmy Eat World didn't end up making more of an impression than it did when it was released last fall. To be fair, the thoroughly bizarre music video (in the best possible way) has been getting some attention on YouTube, but I've never heard it on the radio.



Dear Guacnado, 

Coldplay - "Miracles" (from the movie Unbroken)

But also, since I've been listening to them a lot lately: The Head and the Heart - "False Alarm" 




Dear Hurricane Tortilla,

I don't know why the only Echosmith song that I've ever heard get any attention is "Cool Kids" when "Goodbye" and "Dear World" are much better songs.

I'm not a huge Echosmith fan anyway, mind you, but when a friend from my mission shared the latter two with me, the radio popularity of Cool Kids was a complete mystery to me.

Also, I'm just going to add a second song, because I want to and you can't really stop me. Against the Current has come a very long way from their humble beginnings several years ago, but I feel they deserve quite a bit more popularity than they currently have. Wasteland is one of my favorite songs of all time.




Dear Holy Guacamole,

Paper Rings by Taylor Swift is maybe the catchiest song on her new album Lover, but it got like 0 attention. You definitely should give it a listen.




Dear Cat-hass-trophe,

Elliot Park, especially "The Soldier and The Oak".



Dear Crazy Guac,

I have no idea how well-known these songs are. But I know I've never, like, heard them on the radio or anything.

  • "Jerome" by Barenaked Ladies. Josephina, this reminds me of family history work, and thus you.
  • "Raw Sugar" by Metric.
  • "Navy Taxi" by Kate Nash.
  • "Bring 'Em All In" by Mike Scott.
  • "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down" by Robert Plant.
  • "The Transfiguration" by Sufjan Stevens.
  • "White Wine in the Sun" by Tim Minchin. Warning that this is a Christmas song, so it's illegal to listen to it until November 27, but I had to include it.



Dear friend,

I already had an answer all about Lord Huron, but I think "Ancient Names (Part II)" is way underrated. Total departure from their usual sound, but I love it.

-Van Goff