"Ignorance isn't only for deep things." -Dragon Lady
Question #93120 posted on 06/07/2020 12:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Board baby update?

-bored baby


 Dear Susan,

Little Puff is now 3(.5) and will be starting preschool in the fall. He loves fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances and will tell you that he is a hero. Broccoli and onions are particularly yummy to him, but he doesn't like spicy food. He is the best big brother!


Small Boy is now 2(.5) and has finally outgrown his 18 month clothes. Big Boy is his best friend (they seriously do everything together)! He will eat just about anything... until Big Boy tells him it's yucky. He is a great helper when it comes time to clean up toys and is always happy to share his comfort objects if Thumper is crying. He also loves to share his snacks and candy with mommy (as long as mommy doesn't "eat too many").


And... Thumper is now 6 months. I shared my ultrasound picture of him last go around as I was laying in the hospital bed. I can't believe how fast time has gone! He recently discovered how to roll, and he's an excellent supported sitter. Standing and bouncing are among his favorite activities (after drooling and smiling, of course). He is very interested in any screen (especially if he can detect movement on it), gives the best baby snuggles, and is about as perfect as any baby can be (case in point: he has been sleeping through the night since about mid-March, and he takes 3+ hour naps every afternoon).


And because I am just completely besotted with my boys, here's one more of the three of them together. 



Always a pleasure to share the loves of my life. Thanks for asking!



Dear bored,

My bookend babies had birthdays at the beginning and end of Alumni week! Can you believe that Dragon Baby is turning 11 tomorrow?!? (But you don't know what day I wrote this, as it probably won't be the day it posts, so I maybe gave her a tiny bit of privacy there? Maybe?)

Yellow 2.0 just turned 6 and I can't believe my Buddy Boo is no longer my baby. But he does still have a rule that he and I must cuddle every day and when he's sad. So he hasn't completely grown up yet. I hope I can hold onto that rule for a very long time, yet.

Niffler Baby, my one winter birthday, turned 8 in January. She was supposed to get baptized in February, but her grandparents were coming home from their mission just a couple of weeks later, so we decided to push it back one month, because what's one month? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Learn from us, friends. Don't put off a saving ordinance "just one month" in order to have more family there. She still hasn't been baptized. I had actually purchased the food for the luncheon after the baptism when they cancelled them. Yes, we did eat two Costco chicken pot pies those first few weeks of shut down. They finally offered us a small baptism time in May for just our immediate family. Yellow got sick the day before (on Mother's Day of all days!) so we had to cancel. We're scheduled for next Saturday so please everyone say a prayer that everyone will be healthy and that she can finally get baptized! In other news, she's being baptized the same day and back to back wither her childhood best friend and crush, and you'd better believe that we will take a photo of them together, just in case this romance continues into adulthood. (Since his mom is my best friend, I'm a huge fan of this prospect.)

Anyway. Thanks for letting me ramble on about that. Now, pictures!

My little mermaids and wannabe merman.


My kids are goof balls.


And finally, because you now are invested in Niffler Baby's baptism, here's one of her 3-months old baptism photos, my little sunbeam:


~ Dragon Lady (and Yellow)


Dear bored,


Mavenboy is 7 and loves legos, drawing, and Super Mario Maker 2. Mavenbaby is 2 (so not really a baby any more) and loves cheese, coloring on things he shouldn't, and making us all laugh. Mavengirl is 5 and loves Disney's Cars, watching kids play with toys on Youtube, and swinging. It has been such a handful having all three at home all day, managing school and picky eaters and messes and sibling conflict. But they can also be kind and funny and I'm grateful they give me a reason to keep trying every day.



Dear hi bored i'm dad,

Still no human cohabitants here, but I adopted a cat back in April.

shoes perch.jpg

Ain't she adorable?

-The Entomophagist


Dear baby,

We got a new baby this year! I honestly don't even remember what pseudonym we used for our first, but here he is now at three years old:

board baby 2020.jpg

We recently started potty training him following The Black Sheep's advice and it has been going okay! But the other day I had to tell him "Please don't touch the potty with your face" so there's some room for improvement.

And our daughter:

board baby 2 2020.jpg

She smiles a lot and fusses a lot and doesn't have a lot of in-between. We're still getting used to her, and trying to figure out how to help her get on track with her weight gain/growth. Here's hoping next year's update will feel less uncertain.

-Owlet (& El-ahrairah)


Dear baby,

G.I.R.L is six and a champion reader. She is bummed that she had to miss out on the end of her kindergarten year, and when her brother annoys her she claims to have [insert brother's name here]-aches. Boy-O is three and a ball of energy wrapped in chaos. He has a speech delay, which can be frustrating, but sometimes he manages to say the cutest things. The other day he took my handheld fan and, pretending it was a magnifying glass, tapped his chin and said "Hmmm....something is missing. What is missing? I know!" Then he turned on the fan and said "The wind!" In the picture below, G.I.R.L. is blowing said fan into Boy-O's mouth, which prompted him to say "I can...eat the wind?!" They're good kids, mostly when they're not together. I can't wait for post-virus life.


-Genuine Article


Dear Bored-

Still no kids here. Thank goodness.

Here's a recent picture of my dog! She's six now and still acts like a puppy.



We also have a cat—not pictured because she is a jerk.



Dear friend,

Yoda's thriving! Finally learned to sit when we give her a treat. Right now, we're working on shake.


-Van Goff


 Dear Doctor,

Lil' M. is cuter than ever! Here's a list of what he's been up to:

  • Literally this weekend he has started to use two word phrases, which is a giant linguistic development. We're very proud of him.
  • He makes fists and throws them down by his sides when he's frustrated.
  • He's licked out of our dog's water bowl a couple times.
  • He's learning how to color in the lines and is getting much better at it.
  • He went in a pool for the first time (just a plastic one in the backyard) and willingly put his whole face in!
  • He frequently plays with our dog and tries to get her to chase him and play with him.
  • His favorite movies include Toy Story, Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, Frozen II, and Cars. He also enjoys watching Bluey, an Australian kids show I super recommend.
  • He loves looking at books. And tearing them apart. We have a book hospital where I put packing tape on them to fix them. Sometimes they can't be fixed. I try not to be too sad about it.
  • He carries a blanket we got from Dragon Lady (Yellow 2.0 was done with it) and his stuffed tiger around everywhere and always needs them to sleep.
  • He's slept in a twin bed since we moved out here, and it was great for us. All we did to switch him was babyproof his room, switch the lock to the outside (so we can lock him in), and introduce the bed. Sometimes he spends the night on the floor, but that's his deal if he's uncomfortable. The bed is always an option.
  • He won't say words if you ask him to. So we don't really know what words he can actually say until he says them on his own time. 
  • He does give kisses sometimes when I ask, which is cute. I don't press the issue, though, if he says no. Consent, yo!
  • He loves being outdoors.
  • I do shop in the girls' section for clothes for him sometimes. Dragon Lady once made a post about buying an Elsa backpack for Yellow 2.0 and her thought process around why she'd say no, and it made me really rethink buying clothes for a boy. Honestly, it gives me more options, and there's nothing wrong with my son wearing a shirt that has "you're the zest" written in cursive silver glitter on a corner of the shirt. Or dessert footie pajamas. If we had a girl, I'd have no qualms about getting my daughter Batman pajamas, so I should have no qualms about getting my son Wonder Woman ones. 

And here are pics!

IMG_20200202_181206 (2).jpg

IMG_20200401_174225 (2).jpg

IMG_20200422_110621 (2).jpg

IMG_20200427_085329 (2).jpg

IMG_20200506_104356 (3).jpg

IMG_20200521_172124_Bokeh (2).jpg

Lady M. now takes regular medication for anxiety (yay puppy Prozac!), and she also has a prescription for doggie Xanax for storms (a common occurrence out here). She's currently super fluffy because the groomers haven't been open due to shutdown, but we finally have an appointment tomorrow. She'll be so happy to be able to see! She also loves the new dog door we set up, and often goes outside just to lounge on the deck or bark at the neighbor's dog. She also loves climbing on us, a characteristic she shares with Lil' M.


IMG_20200213_112239 (2).jpg

-Tally M.


Dear Cinnamon,

I now have a seven-year-old step-daughter, which is a new thing to me in the past year. I'm leaving her unpictured because she isn't my child, but she was kind enough to provide a self-portrait, which is basically the same as a picture.


She is getting ready to start the second grade, is a self-motivated student (which we've needed these last few months), very social (that hasn't been the easiest in quarantine), and loves to help me around the house -- especially with cooking; she can dice bell peppers like a pro.

And our other new addition (presently called Gummy Bear) is expected in November.

Gummy Bear.jpg

So far Gummy Bear has made me incredibly sick and hates mornings, nights, citrus scents, any toothpaste that isn't cinnamon, and chocolate (why, of all things, chocolate?). My food cravings have been popcorn, avocado rolls, Sour Patch Kids, salads, and lots and lots of peanut butter (I don't even like peanut butter, or nuts in general, so this is the weirdest craving I've had by far).

-Marguerite St. Just


Dear Bored,

Skippergirl is now 3, and is sassy, sweet, and very patient. Here is a picture of her from a few months ago snoozing in her first wheelchair.


She has a medical condition that causes contractures, hypotonia, and developmental delays. She definitely keeps us on our toes with doctor's appointments and therapies. She is the sweetest and we would not trade her for anything! Being the parent of a kiddo with special needs is not something I ever pictured for myself, but it's been incredibly eye-opening and rewarding. If anyone ever has questions or is in that situation and needs a listening ear, hit me up at luke_skywalker@byu.net. 

We are also expecting Skipperbaby in August and are very excited about it!

-The Skipper