"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. " - Walt Disney

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who is your Board bestie? What is something we may not know about them?
- Crackers the Parrot


Dear Cracker wanna Polly?, 

My Board bestie is probably Tipperary because we hang out a lot when there isn't COVID going on and also he's the reason I'm even a part of the Board!

One thing you may not know about him is that he has 3 extra toes (just kidding) and is the fastest surplus-chair-racer in the world. 

I also really love talking to Goldie Rose, Auto Surf, Alta, Inklings, and Cerulean.




Dear Doctor,

Spectre, obviously.

I also really enjoy spending time with Dragon Lady and Yellow. DL and I chat a lot about Wizards Unite as well as other random things in our life. All of us do occasional game nights together as well, which we really enjoy.

Katya is my other Board bestie. We actually did a virtual lunch date last week, which was really fun! I missed talking to her about fifty different topics in the span of an hour.

-Tally M.


Dear shoulder parrot,

Owing partially to the pandemic and partially to my poor health over the last two months, I admit with some chagrin that I have yet to make it to a single Board function, and except for a rare few Facebook interactions, I've had close to no interaction with any of my fellow writers, even though I've been writing for close to a year now (!). I haven't even seen the ones I know personally in months.

I suppose I'm hijacking your question just to apologize to my fellow writers for that; I promise I'm interested in getting to know you all so I too can have some Board besties. Mea culpa.




Dear Triscuit,

At the risk of being too cliche, there are way too many awesome writers! If I had to choose 1 though it would be my cousin Auto Surf because she is so sweet and amazing and also my cousin. Other writers I would include in the category are Ardilla Feroz, Goldie Rose, and Guesthouse. Now, are you ready for some shocking facts about my Board Besties?

Auto Surf dances like the inflatable tube things at car dealerships and it is the single most hilarious thing even if people don't appreciate her artistic talents.

Ardilla Feroz bought 56 lbs of cheese the other day and surprised literally no one.

Goldie Rose is like maybe one of the most positive people I know.

Guesthouse is the best bocce potato (like bocce ball but with a potato) player that I know.




Dear Crackers ~

Clearly Yellow. Something you may not know about him? One of his favorite t-shirts, which he is actually wearing right now, is binary. It is the binary version of his age when he turned 32. He is very much no longer 32. But he loved it so much that when the fabric literally wore thin and see through, I made him a new one. I offered to update his age, but he wanted it to stay 32. He also reads textbooks for fun. He also reads release notes for apps he doesn't use. He has read the entire Book of Mormon (almost) with Dragon Baby, a little bit every single night, stopping to discuss and make sure she understands. Also, his little toes bend under his other toes.

~ Dragon Lady

PS - A shout out to Olympus for being the only Board writer from my Golden Days that I didn't marry that I am still in constant contact with. And to Tally M and Spectre who I never actually knew as a writer, but adopted Yellow and I as board gaming friends and have kept that friendship going, even after moving cross country.


Dear person,

My Board besties are Anne, Certainly and guppy of doom. 

Some things you may not know are that Anne has a full-sleeve tattoo and that guppy of doom really is a guppy.



Dear Cracker Barrel,

Owlet obvs. And Goose Girl. And Ardilla because I got to know him outside the board. And Sheebs and FrèreI didn't get to know them as well as I'd like, but I spent a little bit of time with them and they're both way cool.

Owlet throws fantastic parties. She used to host one every year for Percy Jackson's birthday. She once threw me a Harry Potter birthday party, complete with a mocktail bartender. And before the Rona, I helped her host a 20's themed 2020 murder mystery party that was to die for.

Goose Girl is an expert event planner. She used to work for BYU Career Services (or something like that) and organized their Disney-themed Halloween bash and other wildly popular events.

Before I met Ardilla or even heard he was associated with the Board, I knew he went on a study abroad with Owlet. She said their group would be walking up some trail, and Ardilla would disappear and then show up at some village with a weird fruit. And his wilderness exploits are legendary.

Sheebs is actually a Canadian spy, sent to figure out which states are worthy of a Canadian invasion. Not sure if she's found any so far.

Frère is the heir to the Rubik's Cube fortune, but can only qualify for his inheritance if he conquers a series of increasingly difficult cubes—I've heard this includes the pentamix, the mind-cube, and finally the fabled 10D string theory cube, but no one really knows for sure.



Dear Crackers,

While all the Board writers are fantastic and I love spending time with all of them, I'd say Sheebs is my Board bestie. You may be aware that Sheebs is a huge Harry Potter fan, but I don't think you realize just how big a fan she is - when I first went to Sheebs' apartment, it was Christmastime and she had a tree all decked out in Harry Potter stuff. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

-guppy of doom


Dear Parrot,

I regret that since moving out of Utah I have done a terrible job of keeping in touch with my Board friends, and have also neglected the chance to get to know the newer writers on a more personal basis. I'm social media friends with a good portion of people, but it's not the same.

That being said, Auto Surf is probably the writer I'm in contact with most consistently. She is wonderful and I'm happy any time I get to talk to her, though I can't share any particular secrets.

I've also had some good conversations with Ardilla Feroz recently, who is just as incredible as his Board answers would suggest. 

Long story short, I'm not sure I can categorize anyone as my bestie since keeping in contact has not been my strong suit in the last few years, but I have profound respect for pretty much everyone.



P.S. Shout-out to Frère Rubik and Vienna since they're the only writers I've seen in person since moving to Florida. They are also amazing people.


Dear Crackers,

Probably Concealocanth, given that we've known each other for about 27 years and still talk daily. 



Dear Crackers,

My board besties are many, but the ones I see regularly are Hobbes and Katya. Katya loves many different podcasts and is happy to discuss this topic with other podcast fans. Hobbes got really into comedy writing lately!