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Question #93124 posted on 06/07/2020 1:08 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Any good HP fanfic suggestions? I'm already familiar with Methods of Rationality. (It was good up until that one character died and then kind of went downhill.)

I prefer well-written fics that are completed. Personally not a fan of Drarry. Any rating is fine.

-Lady Hermione


Dear Doctor,

Have I got a list for you!

I tend to prefer Snape/Hermione and Draco/Hermione. I don't really read any Harry/Hermione or Ron/Hermione, though I do like Hermione with some of the other Weasleys (Fred, Charlie, Ginny). I can't really find any good quality lengthy fics about Hermione with the other Weasleys though. I also tend to prefer romantic fics over non-romantic fics. 

I prefer longer fics over one-shots. I want to know what brought the characters together outside of what we know about them in canon. One-shots make sense when they're written by an author who's already established the alternate universe with a longer fic.

I go through occasional sweeps of fanfics where I collect ones that interest me that I may have missed the previous time(s) around. I also only look for completed fics, since having one that you're following become abandoned is the worst feeling in the world. I typically search fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own, since they have the best search functionalities. There are other websites for HP fanfic, but many of them have much more simplistic search functions that make it difficult to find things to read. 


"An Unwritten Future" - HG/SS - About as long as Prisoner of Azkaban - Shortly after the war, Hermione stumbles back in time and meets a Snape that's her age. This one changes canon, as opposed to "The Poison Garden" (rec'd below) which maintains canon (except the epilogue). A couple of mature (aka sex) scenes that can be pretty easily skipped.
"Chasing the Sun" - HG/SS - Twice the length of Deathly Hallows - Hermione becomes a Healer apprentice in school and gets to know Snape a lot better. This does have the age gap issue that many don't like about HG/SS, but anything that happens between them occurs post-age of consent and post-education. There are more mature scenes in this one, but they can also be relatively easily skipped. (This will be the case for any that I recommend.)
"Pet Project" - HG/SS - The length of Chamber of Secrets and Order of the Phoenix combined - Hermione realizes in her 6th year that Snape needs someone to help him since no one else does. This was the first fanfic I ever really loved. The age gap might be weird, but I've always had a thing for teacher/student romances.
"Post Tenebras Lux" - HG/SS - The length of Prisoner of Azkaban plus Deathly Hallows - Hermione and Snape meet ten years after the war. Both of them work at Hogwarts together. I really enjoyed this one and couldn't stop reading it. More mature scenes that can also be skipped. They don't contain plot relevance.
"The Poison Garden" - HG/SS - The length of Chamber of Secrets - Hermione goes back in time and becomes a DADA professor and befriends Snape. Normally I don't like time travel, but I didn't mind this. Hermione's age compared to Snape is significantly less of a problem due to her being older and them being colleagues. One short mature scene.

"The Gloriana Set" - HG/DM - Length of Order of the Phoenix - Draco and Hermione are back as 8th years after the war. Very enjoyable. Slow burn like I like, lots of good side plots. Some mature bits that can be pretty easily skipped.
"Chronos Historia" - HG/DM - Length of Prisoner of Azkaban - Draco and Hermione fall back in time 1000 years and unravel the mystery of the Bloody Baron and the Grey Lady. One short mature scene at the end of a chapter.
"How the Light Gets In" - HG/DM - Little bit shorter than Half Blood Prince - Hermione has a work trip, but she's forced to take Draco along for protection. A couple of mature scenes.
"Mugglefied" - HG/DM - Length of Order of the Phoenix - Draco is forced to live as a Muggle for a year as part of his punishment for his role in the war. Turns out that Hermione is living across the hall from his new flat. No mature scenes.


"The King's Indian Attack" - Length of Sorcerer's Stone - Harry and Hermione are sorted into Slytherin and become friends with Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass.
"The Strange Disappearance of SallyAnne Perks" - Half the length of Sorcerer's Stone - Turns out there's a student at Hogwarts that disappeared.
"The Best Revenge" - Twice the length of Prisoner of Azkaban - Snape gives Harry his Hogwarts letter and becomes his mentor. There is a sequel, but it's not nearly as good as this one.

Here's a list of fan-fic adjacent favorites I have:

  • There's a woman who animated a few scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban's audiobook. It's amazingly well done, and it makes me want to have the entire series animated. You can find them here, here, and here.
  • My Life as a Background Slytherin has some swears, but it is a hilarious series. Snape flounces everywhere. It definitely highlights some of the ridiculousness of the wizarding world, but it's clear that the artist loves Harry Potter.

- Tally M.


Dear Hermione,

The only HP fanfic I've read aside from Methods of Rationality is called Oh God Not Again! It's about adult Harry somehow going back to his eleven-year-old body and reliving everything from the first few books while retaining all the knowledge he had as an adult. He decides to have as much fun as possible and also prevent as many deaths as he can. I enjoyed it.

As far as MoR goes, I was upset that that character died, but I was even more upset by HOVER FOR SPOILER.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Hermione,

This isn't fanfic... But it's this guy who voices over the entire first Harry Potter movie called Wizard People Dear Reader. There are some expletives and whatnot, yet pretty funny. Snape is a girl, Uncle Vernon always has a different name, and there are some crazy good lines that my family and I quote! Some chapters are a little slower than others (and some I don't find funny at all), but overall it's pretty entertaining.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Hermione,

I quite enjoyed Albus Potter and the Founders' Fountain. It was written as a radio drama, and an audio version with a full voice cast was aired across six episodes of Pottercast. I found it pretty entertaining, though that was years ago now.



Dear Hermione,

This is fanfic-adjacent, but I've loved the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. In it, two humanist divinity students discuss Harry Potter books chapter-by-chapter and it is delightfully pure.



Dear friend,

This isn't technically fanfiction but if you haven't seen Floccinaucinihilipilificationa's Harry Potter comics, they are a gift to the world.

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:



-Van Goff