"My brother is too kind. He was eminent when my eminence was only imminent." -Niles Crane
Question #93136 posted on 06/21/2020 8:50 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's the best thing that's happened to you this week? (and ya know, 'best' is relative term, so even if you can't think of something good, there's still got to be a best)



Dear Windrose,

A few days ago, I found myself awake at 4 am with some terrible, panicky spiraling thoughts. I made a post about it to my private Instagram story, as is my habit. Miraculously, my best friend also stayed up all night, happened to check Instagram, saw that I was in bad shape, and called me.

We talked through everything that was making me anxious and upset, which helped me pull myself out of the spiral. Once I was feeling better, we caught up and just talked normally for a while. I think we were on the phone for about two hours. It was really kind of him to talk for so long, because it was already about 6 am at his house when he called. Not only did that phone call pull me out of a really bad mental and emotional spot, it also made me happy, because I got to have a substantive conversation with someone who I had been missing badly. That was a blessing.




Fear Windrose,





My total came to $15.75. Not too shabby! Carl Jr. is in 9-12 m onesies since he's so long at almost 5 months. 

-Goldie Rose


Dear Windrose,

I really enjoyed the virtual Board party.



Dear breezy flower,

One of my closest mission companions invited me to attend his sealing, which happened sooner than expected thanks to temples provisionally opening.

It was an incredible experience.




Dear hipster band name:

I've had four dates in a week with a tall, blonde, stable, successful engineer. And it was all one guy! B-)

But that's not the best thing. Obvi when my life partner (my sister) and I went to brunch and I spilled my water glass and grumbled about not getting napkins and she quipped "not all kids come in adult sizes" and she gave me her five-point presentation on why one of her close friends is gay (he has a single piercing and I was like, say no more!) and we were getting pelted by hail and she laughed at me for my "sensible" 6-inch platforms. 

All that claptrap about having better relationships when you're happier yourself probably has a good point. Time to wrap up my incomplete answers and write my 40-beat outline for an actual, for-real screenplay. 

Thanks for asking.



Dear Rosy,

Getting married during a pandemic makes it doubly more difficult to do all the big-kid stuff you have to do when you tie the knot. That's why it's taken a month for us to get the title to our van under our names. But! We set up an appointment with the DMV, only had to wait for like 5 minutes, got everything changed over, got insurance all squared away, and everything ended up being cheaper than we expected! Normally this kind of thing stresses me out and I have to take a while to bring myself back to earth after but everything went super smooth and easy, which makes me smile. 

Also, Sodalicious sent 100% of their proceeds to a good cause the other day so I bought a lot of cookies that I have been enjoying, knowing it was totally worth $2 a cookie. 





Three friends I've been missing reached out to me.



Dear you,

I thought to myself “hey remember that time you crashed on yayfulness’s couch? I wonder what he’s up to these days” and then he messaged me out of the blue several hours later for the first time in a long time, and we immediately resumed our highly enjoyable internet friendship.



Dear Doctor,

The new antibiotics for my kidney infection finally started working so I no longer feel like I'm dying.

-Tally M.


Dear Windrose,

I baked carrot cake cookies that I sandwiched with cream cheese frosting to make whoopie pies. Then I wrapped them in wax paper and put them in the freezer so I can have one any time I want. A close runner-up was that as I was running my bi-weekly errands I got a tire puncture (boo) and had to call a tow truck, and because of COVID-19 I couldn't ride with the tow truck driver, so I had to call around and find a ride. But a friend from my old ward gladly came to my rescue and drove me where I needed to go, so I got to talk in-person to another human being that I don't live with for a good ten minutes. And she volunteered* that she also feels people should be taking social distancing more seriously, that she also does not leave her house unless it's absolutely necessary, and that she's in no hurry to rush back to meeting together for church. So that was a nice slice of normalcy and reassurance that helped cushion the blow of a) having to stand in the sun while my car was being towed, b) waiting for three hours at my dealership surrounded by morons not wearing masks, and c) a $430 bill to fix my car.

-Genuine Article

*This is a joke about Tennessee 


Dear Windrose ~

I have decided that, despite what my brain assumed before, games are not only to be played in the evening and on vacations. It is actually perfectly acceptable to play them at 10 am on a Thursday morning. So that's exactly what Yellow 2.0 and I did this morning. (And then I regretted it because he kept getting distracted and I didn't actually eat breakfast until noon. So there's that. lol.) I plan on giving myself permission to play far more games in the future. During the day. And not feeling guilty because of some perceived societal expectation that I'm supposed to be doing laundry or getting my kids to do their chores. 

~ Dragon Lady 


Dear Windy,

My family moved into a new house, which is great but also why I was largely absent from Alumni Week 2020.

-Humble Master


Dear Fred,

Ha. Hahaha. Oh, boy. What a week to ask.

In the spirit of trying to see the positive side of things, I guess the best thing to happen this week is seeing my baby roll over for the first time. That chocolate peanut butter cheesecake my mom made for Sunday dessert was pretty good, too.



Dear Windrose,

Family church - I got to sit down with minnow, my parents, and my sister while having my brother and his pregnant wife Skype in and enjoy time with all of them. Sure, it was my dad teaching and sure, he used the moment to share his conservative viewpoints which started a family argument, but it was worth it to be connected and there with all my family. 

-guppy of doom


Dear Windrose,

I finished the last class of my Master's degree.




Dear Windy,

I got to go back to school (just to clean up my classroom and do all the end of the year checkout stuff), but it was really nice to be back--I'm way more productive there than at home, and I got to see my teacher friends (from a safe distance, of course). 



Dear Rosie,

A couple days ago my 13-year-old brother (who, by the way, is an endless source of entertainment for me) found a giant red inflatable lobster floatie in our garage, so we blew it up and took it to the beach. I think I laughed the entire time.




Dear Windrose,

I get to spend all day with my best friend now. Not having to say goodnight and leave everyday is definitely a life highlight!

Also, I had to stay with Mr.O'Malley's family for about a week and quickly became best friends with his adorable 2 year old nephew. He now asks where I am and is very excited to see me when I come over. 



Dear Windrose,

The last week or so has been awful, and then has improved, in ways that I can't really talk about right now. I can say, though, that it's motivated me to finally find a psychiatrist, to start looking for a therapist, to start fixing some things in my marriage that I have been failing at for years, and to reach out to some old friends (including Zedability, as she mentioned in her answer) after losing contact with... everybody, really, for a while now. It's been a long time since I could honestly say that my life has been in a healthy place. I hope this is the first step to fixing that.



Dear friend,

My dog stopped and sniffed a flower, then did the tiniest sneeze on her walk. It was the cutest thing I have seen in my life.

-Van Goff