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Question #93139 posted on 06/22/2020 8:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

For Alumni Week can I ask a free for all questions that just lets you write about something that's been on your mind or you're passionate about but doesn't fit into any other question/answer?

-that's it, that's the question


Dear Question.


That's it. That's the Answer. You can ask a free question.




Dear Doctor,

Boys can wear most of the clothes from the girls' section. We have no problem with a girl wearing a Spider-Man outfit, but people freak out if a boy is wearing a Captain Marvel outfit. Colors like pink and peach and light blue and silver glitter aren't gendered. 

Andy should have kept Woody at the end of Toy Story 3. It's mentioned in Toy Story 2 that Woody is an old family toy, and even though I've only read the synopsis of Toy Story 4, it's clear that Bonnie didn't care about Woody nearly as much as Andy did. I get some of the sentiment of Andy moving on and giving his toys away, but Andy STILL SHOULD HAVE KEPT WOODY. It would have been so much better to see a future with Andy's child playing with Woody, rather than Woody being abandoned. He'd've been better off in that toy museum.

The Good Place is an amazing TV show. It's not perfect (some of the jokes are more crass than I would prefer), but it's really really good. It's informed some of my own beliefs, like, will we be allowed to leave heaven? If so, since we are made of intelligences, do we become intelligences again that become formed into new beings and that's how God has one eternal round? It's just a really well done show that focuses on what it means to be a good person (and also how there's no ethical consumption under capitalism). If you're a fan of the show, I recommend investing in the DVD box set that has all the extended editions (save for the first two episodes of season one for some bizarre reason that no one seems to know.) 

Come Follow Meme is a social media thing Spectre and I started this past week. I needed a way to get back into studying the scriptures, and this just seems to work. I mean, I've now read them four days in a row, which is a legit record since I became depressed in 2016. It's fun distilling basic info from the chapters in a lighthearted (but not flippant) way. I spent almost all of this morning finding blank meme templates and screenshots to compile into a massive folder to draw from in the future. We're making an effort to make our content accessible to those with screen readers, especially since memes are such a visual thing, which means that all posts contain alt text describing the image. You can find us on tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! (I most recommend Instagram or Facebook for those with screen readers)

-Tally M.


Dear (qu)e(s)(o),

Bluey is the best show on for preschoolers right now. The other contenders being Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, and Storybots (in my house, at least). McStuffins has a good diversity score and covers valuable health topics, but the worldbuilding doesn't make any sense, especially in seasons 4-5. DT is pretty good, but, like McStuffins, has contrived plots. Storybots is fun and educational, but a bit weird, and ultimately not as funny as Bluey, which is so great because:

  1. It's Australian. It takes place in Brisbane, the main characters are a breed of Australian dog, and its chock-full of Aussie references. Best of all, it uses the Aussie art of subtlety in its plots and humor. The moral of the episode is never sung—rather, a normal day happens and you take what lesson you will.
  2. Its goal is "to portray the importance of children participating in imaginative play". As the creator said, "There’s no counting in Bluey, there’s no learning this or that ... just show ’em playing. It’s to show parents that the kids aren’t just mucking around. They’re learning to play, learning to share ... and generally you can just put your feet up and let ’em do it."
  3. It portrays a family with loving and realistic children, mother, and father (cough cough Berenstein Bears). The adults are very human (even though they're dogs)—like Tally M. pointed out, the show deliberately takes a few seconds to have them say something even when the kids aren't in the room. 
  4. Tally M. loves it too and when has she ever been wrong?
It's on Disney+, but I also found the first episode officially on Youtube. I bet you'll love it whether or not you have kids. Watch it now!

Dear Question,

Okay, I actually do have something I want to share. Campaign Zero is a great researched based anti-police brutality organization. If you're looking for a way to get educated and involved, Campaign Zero is one of the best! (Although,, and are great too!)

These websites have helped me learn a lot and send out letters to my representatives. So go get involved!




Dear that's-

It was recently my birthday. Partly because everyone in our area is still under quarantine, I decided to do one of those Facebook birthday requests I've seen around (like songs, or pictures, or memories). But because I work in cybersecurity, this was mine:

For my birthday: I would like to ask you to set up and begin using a password manager, with an appropriately complex master passphrase.

Maybe it sounds intimidating, but promise it's not so hard, and unless you're one of the three people on the planet with actually proper password hygiene, it will make your online life more secure by orders of magnitude. It may take 30 minutes for the initial setup and to change your primary passwords (primary email, banking/financial, public social media) to random 20+ character strings. Then you can either blitz through your many other accounts right away, or change & add them to the manager the next time to sign into those accounts.

LastPass ( is the only major brand I'm aware of with a free tier that will work on multiple devices (laptop and mobile, essentially), but most of the commercial options are good if you feel like a minor financial outlay. If you're fairly technically savvy and want to set up a free open-source option, I personally use KeePass and store my vault in a (also pw protected) cloud account.

Ask me anything you want to in comments, but honestly—this is the simplest and most practical thing you can to do protect yourself, your data, your work, your possessions, your money, and your overall online life.

Oh, and turn on two-factor authentication where available.

After that, I added:

If you already have a password manager, uh...make sure you're maxing any company 401k match and fund an IRA for yourself.

Obviously, I feel strongly about both infosec and personal financetwo areas in which (assuming some basic priors like health and stable income) it's not that hard to set yourself up for success, even on autopilot. If you're in your 20s, stop spending everything and start saving aggressively! Work towards financial independence, so you can retire early, or take on passion projects, or at least stop working for the man! It's thoroughly doable.

-Grumpy Old Man Foreman


Dear friend,

I have expressed this opinion on the Board before (see Question #92802), but I just really believe that everyone should go listen to the soundtrack for the Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical (not to be confused with the soundtrack to the animated movie - the two share quite a few songs, but the musical is superior).