"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. " - Walt Disney
Question #93141 posted on 06/10/2020 12:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How did your predictions from last year shake out? What are your predictions for what will happen to you in the next year?



Dear Jellicle,

Please see Guesthouse's answer below for the link to the last year's version of the question.

So how did I do? Let's take a peak:

  • I will get promoted at the corporation I now work for. (You guys, I work for a private company. Whaaaaat. Still getting used to that.) - I did indeed get promoted in November. I am now a bodily injury adjuster for a large auto insurer. It's good for now while I figure out what I'd like to spend my life doing and work on my mental health.
  • I will still be in Portland, but no longer living with Unlucky Stuntman. - Correct. I'd hoped this wouldn't be true but indeed it is. I have my own apartment these days in the Portland metro.
  • I will have a girlfriend. - Ha, no. I feel like I am finally healthy enough to start dating though, so maybe within the next year, depending on how the pandemic goes.
  • I will be significantly more on my way to no longer meeting diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder and PTSD. - Extreme yes. I am so proud of myself on this one. Last year at this same time I was showing way more symptoms and I had much less control over my emotions.
  • I will have joined either a local handbell choir or the Portland Lesbian Choir. I just am that nerdy. - Alas, no. Plans change, pandemics start. I really want to do some kind of group music though. It's definitely on the list for once everything restabilizes.

Predictions for 2021:

  • I will have picked a direction for what I'd like to do with my life and I will have taken some kind of step toward that goal.
  • I will have made further progress toward not meeting diagnostic criteria for BPD and PTSD.

And honestly? I think I will leave it there. Things are too unstable right now with too many possibilities to even hazard guesses. Those are really all I want.

- The Black Sheep


Dear Jello Cat,

I love this question SO MUCH. For those who are interested, here's the one from last yearBoard Question #92281

  • Pebble and I will be married by next Alumni Week. 
    • We are! We got married a month ago (ish) and being married is pretty awesome. It's hard sometimes because I feel like the pandemic is making me a much worse wife than I had planned to be, but Pebble is super amazing at talking me through things and supporting me and my endeavors.
  • I will leave my current job to find one that is more fulfilling and fitted to my talents, plus pays better. 
    • Technically I make more, but not by much. I'm working as a research assistant for my two favorite professors doing projects that are actually SUPER exciting!
  • I will still be TA-ing for a couple of Sociology classes. 
    • I mean, it's summer now but I did TA for 2 classes this last semester, should be two more in the fall. (fingers crossed.)
  • I will be sticking to my budget better and saving for my car (it's a bluish-grey Subaru Crosstrek, in case you wanted to know.)
    • Hahahahaha... well, COVID makes your budget look a lot different. Technically I'm following it pretty well. But the in-laws gave us their old Honda Odyssey (yay minivans) so while we are saving, we like having a car given to us for free (plus title change fees) 
  • I will have worked through some of my issues with Church and will not hate going on Sunday as much as I do right now. 
    • Doing better, for sure. The two semesters of religion classes, some crucial conversations with friends, and a willingness to let go of guilt have helped a lot. Although, I have to admit this conference made me frustrated, and I definitely prefer "at-home Mormonism" more than Church. 
  • I will be developing my cooking talents and not eating like a sad college student anymore. 
    • Heck yeah! I've been making lots of fun things. 
  • I will still be writing for the Board, of course. 
    • Well, I'm here so...

Predictions for next year: 

It's really hard to guess what the next year is going to look like right now, but I'll give it a stab. I don't mind being wrong. 

  • I will apply for BYU's Sociology Master's program and get in. 
  • I will be working on a paper that I want to publish with a professor, either about global family life or non-cognitive skills in early childhood. 
  • I will graduate! I really want to be valedictorian of the Soc department, but I'm not so sure it'll happen because even though I have a 4.0 and lots of research hours, I haven't done any big internships or anything, so someone else will probably beat me out. Either way, I'll graduate with a 4.0.
  • NO BABIES, but I will be an aunt (or almost, anyway.) (Yikes. I don't even want to get into this right now, ask me later.) 




Dear cat,

Last year's predictions, in review:

  • I'll finally finish my thesis project and officially get my master's degree, just two years after "graduating." Ahahahahahahaha no I am never going to get my degree.
  • I'll start learning Danish on Duolingo again and maaaaaaaaybe even try my hand at Russian. Jeg er færdig med Duolingos danskundervisning. Nu læser og skriver jeg dansk, men jeg kan ikke tale dansk godt. Я не говорю по русски.
  • I'll actually read books again, for fun, for the first time in years. Singular, not plural. Six of Crows was good. But I only read novels in one of two ways - I binge the entire thing in one sitting and ignore everything else while I do it, or I read one (1) chapter and then forget about it for a month or more. Neither of these coexists very well with a responsible adult life.
  • My plant collection at my office will expand from one humble succulent to fill the entire window. I kept my succulent alive and happy for more than a year, which is pretty impressive for me, but I think taking it home for the pandemic might have killed it. It hasn't been looking very good.
  • (This is probably just wishful thinking, but) Elizabeth Warren will surge after the debates and win the Democratic primary. I'm still slightly bitter about this.

As for predictions for the next year:

  • I will go back to therapy and get on medication. It will be a good decision.
  • Now that my Danish is in a relatively good place, I'll actually get serious about learning Russian.
  • I will finally, COVID permitting and for the first time in years, go on a vacation that isn't to visit family.

I wish I had more, but right now that's honestly the best I can do. I hope by next year things are looking up and I can predict things a bit more confidently.



Dear Green Jello,

No predictions last year as I was dreaming to be a writer during alumni week.

My predictions:

  • Carl will be at a new job
  • I'll still be working for my BYU professor who retired last summer
  • Carl Jr. will be walking
  • We bought a house
  • Carl Jr. will have grown out of his cow's milk protein allergy
  • Might be pregnant again
-Goldie Rose

Dear you,

I wasn't a writer last year, so I'll make some new predictions now:

  • I think I'll get an internship I'm really excited about for next year. That's the hope, anyway.
  • I'll give up my TA job next fall in favor of working in the robotics lab on campus. Hopefully, the project I have been contributing to in that lab will be finished, and my name will be going on a conference paper by next summer. 
  • I will finally convince my friends to go on vacation with me somewhere outside the United States and will be furiously planning and saving for that.
  • In keeping with the pattern of the past two years of my life, at some point in the next year, I will find myself in the middle of a confusing relationship-adjacent situation, which will fall apart before it ever becomes official (for better or worse).
  • I will finally figure out a sustainable way to plan my meals and will see the benefits of that in my financial, physical, and mental health. (Fingers crossed for this one, seriously.)
  • I tend to have one Most Memorable Topic of Concern per semester, which gives me a healthy dose of crisis and a few emotional breakdowns, but ultimately helps me learn and figure out my life a bit better. I'm predicting that for fall, my MMToC will be Church related, and for winter, it will be school/career/all-my-friends-are-graduating-what-am-I-even-doing-with-my-life panic.

That's enough jinxing my life for now. We'll see updates in a year, I guess!




Dear Jellicle,

You know when you wish you had written in your journal but you were lazy and didn't and now you don't have anything to look back on during that time in your life? Yeah, I never got around to this question all these years and am regretting it. But I will start this year!

By this time next year, I will:

  • Enjoy spending time with my two kids (we're still in survival mode here)
  • Have recovered from laser eye surgery??
  • Have traveled somewhere cool to celebrate my and El-ahrairah's anniversary (pandemic-pending, of course)
  • Be a regular volunteer with a charitable organization I have a passion for (this is probably least likely until kids are older)
  • Be signed up for a 10k or half-marathon
  • Have read 12 books (I read like...three?...this past year, so this is a bit of a stretch. Which is so sad to me. I read 75 books one year! Alas.)
  • Know more Mandarin Chinese (I know like ten sentences right now; maybe by next year I can do a three-minute introduction?)
  • We won't have as much income and will need to be more diligent about budgeting (maybe subscribe to You Need A Budget?)
  • The baby will be eating better but still be more fussy than our first kid was
  • I will have either called the Poison Control Center or visited the ER at least twice



Dear you, 

Last year's predictions:

I will still be living in the same apartment I'm in now.

I will be working at the same company.

I'll have gotten into some new hobbies.

I'll still be hopelessly addicted to anime, bookstores, and Korean dramas.

I will still be single.

All of these are right.

New Predictions:

I will pick up cool skills like code-breaking. (this might be more of a goal than a prediction... )

I will still be single.

And that's about as far as my predictive capacity goes right now.



Dear friend,

I did sign with an agent but several months later, some discussion in the publishing industry came out about the agency's poor submission practices as well as red flag behavior from my particular agent. After talking with some former clients, I decided to part ways in early May.

As far as predictions for next year, I think my partner and I will be engaged next year... which I'm pretty confident about since we're planning on it once the quarantine's over. That's the only prediction I'm gonna make. It's been a heavy year and I'm rethinking a lot of my life priorities right now so it's hard to say what that will look like.

-Van Goff


Dear Doctor,

Last year's predictions!

  • I will have launched my subscription box business; at the very least it will be in beta testing.
    • Nope. I haven't been magically cured from depression, and lots of other things (including moving and ADHD) have gotten in the way.
  • We will be living in Ohio
    • Yep!
  • I will most likely be the ward organist again
    • I mean, I got called as the assistant ward organist back in March. But never sustained or set apart and there's been no church to play at, so I'm calling this as a technical win.
  • We will find a group of friends to play games with
    • Sort of. We actually still play with Dragon Lady and Yellow, and as far as in person goes, we kind of used to play with my ministering sister and her husband, but that's obviously stopped.
  • Moving to Ohio will have decreased my depression in some way
    • Not in any obvious way, at least.
  • I will be participating in a clinical study for depression
    • I was looking into them before all of this started, but then I had some more pressing physical issues come up, so I'm addressing those first before dealing with my mental health.
  • I will not be pregnant
    • Thank goodness I am not.
  • Lil' M. will be able to have something of a conversation with me.
    • Not a huge conversation, but a couple of words or phrases from him. It's a start.
  • We'll have made our drive out to Ohio into a family vacation
    • Eh...Sort of? We did stay at my grandparents for a day, and we ended up going to Nauvoo, but it was extremely cold the day we arrived in Nauvoo, and also our moving truck broke down. Which meant that Spectre's dad (who was driving the truck) wasn't able to meet us in Nauvoo. We didn't end up staying there long as a result. We did go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which Lil' M. loved. But my big plan of visiting like five different places just didn't happen. It wasn't super affordable, and buying a house is expensive.
  • We'll be living in a new house that we bought(!!)
    • As I just mentioned, we did buy a house! It's three bed, two and a half bath, and it's great. We walled off one of the front rooms to make a home office, and there's a loft space which has become Lil' M.'s playspace. The backyard is fenced, which enables us to just let our dog and child run around without nearly as constant supervision. I definitely understand why people prefer consistently renting, but I also understand why people prefer having their own home.


Predictions for next year:

  • I will have at least one new health diagnosis
  • We will still have at least two unpainted rooms in our house.
  • I will have finished my project for the Church international art competition.
  • I will not have finished my Fred/Hermione fan-fic, but I will have made decent progress on it.
I struggled to even come up with those. It's really hard right now, and after four years of mental health problems, I'm realizing my limitations. I can't really predict or hope for a lot of accomplishments right now.

-Tally M.


Dear Jello,

Wow. My predictions from last year were not only lame and not that exciting, but also inaccurate. This year I will try and at least be a bit spicier with my predictions. Let's get crazy here.

  • I will actually speak French for reals.
  • I will be regularly Be working out (although that's due to my fiancée & soon to be wife).
  • We will have our first international trip together planned and be saving up to actually take it.
  • I will trick BYU into sending me on another international trip for free because that’s how I roll.

Hopefully, these will turn out to at least be entertaining.




Dear film I regret not seeing in the theater:

Ezra Klein said on his podcast recently that one definition of depression is being unable to imagine yourself in the future, and that the whole world may be experiencing some of that right now. 

To try to counteract that, I'll throw my name in the hat for the first time. 

  • I predict that I actually will finish this screenplay in 30 days, but the outcome will not be what I think (Plan A is Sundance).
  • I predict the startup I'm consulting for will fail spectacularly.
  • I predict that I will still be seeing the guy I am now, and that he will have a house, and we will be exclusive but not yet married. 
  • I predict that I will live in suburban Utah and be feeling antsy about it.
  • I predict that I will still not be drinking, because that seems to be going well overall.
  • I predict that I will have to get a "regular" job again, and I will feel like that's this HUGE THING, but it will be fine, and I'll make about what I made before, not much more or less.
  • I predict that I will come out of quarantine caring much less what other people think.
  • I predict that I will revisit one of my works in progress with completely new perspective and decide to finish it, and do the long, sometimes boring, but ultimately worthwhile work of revision.
  • I predict that I will travel abroad as soon as I can afford it and it's semi-safe.
  • I predict that I have acquired most the hobbies and tastes I will have already, but that I will be forced to encounter something about my life choices in a very concrete way that will be challenging but necessary. Given my demographic, this will probably have to do with the Marriage Plot and what comes after the rom-com.
  • I predict that the unemployment rate will be 7% or so in a year.
  • I predict that my birth control choice will work and that I will continue to not be pregnant, and that my feelings on that will be exactly the same. (Basically, no thanks.)
  • I predict that I will be seriously considering graduate school.
  • I predict that the American Project will be seriously wounded, but continue. A new era of hedonism + radical politics + backlash + institutional collapse will give it a very 1972 or 1919 vibe out there. No one will go around saying 2021 will be "their year!"

---Portia, feels like these predictions are very "Capricorn" if you want to whip out the pseudoscience, would be a boring fortuneteller


Dear CAT,

They did not. .3/5 (I read My Short Stay in Hell)

As for next year:

  • Things will be easier with Babyrairah
  • I will like my job more. Meaning, my current job will get better (in a way, it has to—there's this big ridiculous project we're doing that will be done by then, one way or another), or I will have a job I like better
  • I will be exercising more

That's all I really all I have the audacity to predict at this point.



Dear Jellicle ~

Predictions from 2019 for 2020:

  • I will be anxiously anticipating full day freedom.
    • [weep] I had no idea how much I would be anxiously anticipating this. But unlike my prediction, it is not guaranteed to happen on the first day of school. Instead the anxiety is from the uncertainty of when I will ever have any freedom again.
  • I will have gone on another girls' trip. Maybe 2.
    • I went on my very first cruise to the Bahamas! The second was planned for March. hahahahaha
  • Dragon Baby and I will have come to an agreement about if she will talk me into getting a cat or not.
  • Dragon Baby will have read the Harry Potter books a second time and will have made me the happiest mom ever.
    • She has read parts a second time. She still loves them, but has moved onto other wonderful books, and is reading off a list of my recommended books, and even finally condescended to read a physical book instead of an e-book or audiobook, so I still am the happiest mom ever.
  • Niffler Baby will be reading full on novels.
    • Ehhh... sort of. Small chapter books. But she prefers audiobooks, and falls asleep listening to them every night. She probably has The Wizard of Oz memorized at this point.
  • Yellow 2.0 will continue to charm everyone in his path.
    • True.
  • I will be nearing the end of my contract with FamilySearch and will be sad to be losing my job.
    • Just a couple more weeks, friends. And while I am sad (this is the closest I have felt to my team ever) I am also excited to remove one more responsibility from my plate at the moment. 
  • I will have either earned my Personal Progress medallion, or I won't have. But either way, I will be done trying to get it.
    • I did it!!!!
  • I will already hate the 2020 election.
    • Not as much as I expected. Turns out, even an election can be overpowered by a global pandemic. Like, it's still there and happening, but it has to compete for space. Also, I've turned Yellow into my political filter because my emotional health can't deal with politics in full, which has helped significantly.

Predictions from 2020 for 2021:

  • I literally cannot imagine what will happen next year. My only prediction that is more of a hope than a prediction, is that I will finally have some grip on what is happening in my life, and what I can and cannot plan for.

~ Dragon Lady