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Question #93161 posted on 06/19/2020 8:53 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can you please share some art, fiction, articles, apps, sandwiches, poetry, doodles, flesh constructs, songs, or other creative works you've produced in the last year?



Dear El, 

flesh....constructs..... Babies????

Anyway, i haven't been very creative this year, but I did make my own bouquet for my wedding, which I was proud of. I think everyone's probably pretty sick of seeing more of my wedding pictures, so I'll just link one instead and you can look it up for yourself. See Board Question #93054




Dear El,

I picked myself up an iPad for Christmas this year and getting into Procreate has been really good for me to feel artistic again. I used to draw all the time as a kid, but haven't felt creative for years. The freedom to practice in different styles and mediums, with the forgiving adaptability inherent in digital media, has been really rewarding! 

I drew this a few days ago and I'm surprised to say I'm really proud of how it turned out:

 Good boy!




Dear El-ahrairah,

I like to decorate cakes.

mooncake2019_small.jpgIMG_2392.jpgIMG_2547 (1).jpg

I made the moon cake for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing last year. The puppy cake was for Mavenbaby's 2nd birthday (nope, not a baby any more!). The chocolate cake was my most recent, for my mom's birthday a few months ago. I love them all for different reasons. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share!



Dear Sam,

I sent this to my mother-in-law for Chinese New Year (I started working on it... like two years ago, and then I took a one year break because I just couldn't finish it before we went to China last year). 




I've taken up jewelry making (specifically earrings) and have... a lot. Most of them are not my style to wear, but were super fun to make. Now I just don't know what to do with them because I am too lazy/tired to get my Etsy shop up and running again.




Also, I made a beautiful bow today for an engagement/wedding gift for a family friend, but I can't get the image to load. Just trust me that it's the best bow ever (hooray for skills learned as a certified floral designer).



Dear El-ahrairah,

Look at this yarn ball. Seems like an ordinary one, right? Well, it is the product of six long weeks of work and a new callus on my finger.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 2.01.19 PM.png 

In April, I decided to splurge and by some Witcher-themed specialty yarn on Etsy (please don't judge me for my poor life decisions). However, I am still very new to knitting so I didn't know that fingering yarn is pretty much useless for the things I like to make (beanies, scarves, etc... I like bulky yarns, which is something I only learned through this experience).

So I've been knitting it into an I-cord to make it thicker. Last night, I finally, finally finished. You are probably not proud of me. I am not proud of me either. It's a living reminder that I need to build my savings instead of buying "Silver for Monsters" yarn like a weirdo.

I'm also working on a throw blanket with my serenity loom, which is in the early stages. The yarn is super soft so I'm hoping it'll be cozy once it's done.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 2.04.49 PM.png

-Van Goff


Dear El-ahrairah,

As you know, this was the first year I participated in "Inktober," a challenge to create a drawing based on a single-word prompt for each day in October. Here are some of my favorites:

For the prompt "BAIT"


(half-truths make the best bait)

For the prompt "MISFIT"

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 5.31.08 PM.png 

(a dwarf rogue character for our D&D campaign)

For the prompt "TREASURE"

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 5.30.30 PM.png 

(a chest of "20-sided" dice)



Oh dear me,

Inspired by Inktober, I participated in (and created) the nonsensically-named Inkvember, where you finish one work of creative writing per day (on average), each inspired by a prompt from Inktober. I managed to do half the days, and I've deemed only half of those are worthy of being read by internet strangers:

Untamed herbs and weeds

Tower over the garden,

Proof of my neglect.


Dear El,

I actually made a story book with my sister in the past year! It's just some retellings of a few of my favorite fairy tales, but it was really fun to do. It would be too long to copy down everything, but I did actually write poems between the stories. Here's the introductory one:

Are you coming to the story tree
with me
To sit underneath the leaves
And watch the busy flight of bees
There we can let our fears fly free
Wrapped securely in a story
You be the prince, and I the princess
As we go through the maze
Designed by Daedalus
Let's sink into pages
And find the sage
Atop their mountain hideaways
We can battle with dragons
Fierce and strong
We can stroll through the woods
All the day long
There magic can be real 
A fairy is someone you can reach out and feel
So let us now slip away
By the light of the fading day
And make our merry way
Down to the story tree.




Dear El,

I shared some of my quarantine projects/art in Board Question #93116 , but I hope it's okay to share more here. 

I made this set for Easter:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.56.43 PM.png

And this was part of a set I made for Women's History Month:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.57.36 PM.png 

Not only is Frida so beautiful and inspiring, but she was also one of the only ones that didn't have any ink bleeds from the pattern transfer I used. Sadly a lot of the ladies from the series were kind of ruined from ink bleeds, but it does make Frida extra special. 

-Auto Surf 


Dear Prince of the Rabbits,

Here is proof that I actually have been learning how to quill!





Dear Cinnamon,

This is the last hand-pieced quilt I completed (though I have lots in progress):

Quatro Color.JPG

The pattern is called a Quatro Color. It took two years and I was super sick of looking at it by the time I was finished. Now that I've been removed for awhile, I want to do another one with red/orange/yellow "flowers" and a gradient of purple for the background.

I've also perfected grilled cheese sandwiches, but I don't have any pictures at the moment. You'll just have to imagine my perfectly-browned sourdough bread filled with melty sharp cheddar next to a bowl of homemade tomato soup.

-Marguerite St. Just


Dear Doctor,

I made a last minute cross-stitch family portrait for my mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago.


-Tally M.



During the pandemic I got furloughed so I decided to just start painting everything. I got my job back sooner than expected, but here are the before and afters of my dresser and table.




Hard to tell, but this is like a dark stained top with a black base. And a decent-sized heat stain from when my sister decided not to use trivets on Thanksgiving.


I learned that I really hate sanding and will probably never do this again, but I am very happy with how they turned out!

And since you specifically asked for sandwiches, here's my masterpiece:


(roasted turkey, avocado, homemade pesto, spinach, dill pickles, and some red pepper flakes)