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Question #93162 posted on 06/13/2020 11:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are you maddest/saddest about having to miss because of the pandemic?

-Herb the Tea


Dear Herb,

I miss having time to myself. My kindergartner got out of school for spring break...and never went back. We've been home for twelve weeks, which is longer than our regular summer break, and summer's just starting. More to the point, I miss being able to plan things. Are my kids going to school in the fall? I don't know. Will we be able to travel for Christmas? I don't know. The planner in me is fuh-reak-ing out.

The biggest letdown is that over the past few years I have been meticulously planning my return to school, which would lead to my return to work, which would lead to me being an income-earning member of society. My timetable was perfectly laid out. My spreadsheet was color-coded. And then I got completely screwed over. Everything hinged on me finding childcare for Boy-O, either full-time at a local daycare or part-time if he was accepted to the half-day developmental preschool at the local elementary school. I was not able to tour daycares in May as planned. Schools are not doing their usual end-of-year assessments for speech therapy. Also, even if I were to magically be able to find childcare, my future school is currently operating with classes online only. That's fine for an English class or Intro to Philosophy, but I've applied to the Building and Construction program at a technical college, and I'm pretty sure you can't learn how to operate a non-existent table saw over the internet. So when my acceptance letter comes I'm going to have to decline and start the application process all over again and everything in my carefully crafted timetable will shift by a year. Sigh. I had a lunch box picked out and everything.

-Genuine Article


Dear Tea,

We had to delay our wedding. I was supposed to be married right now but we still have like 2 months left :(



Dear Herbal,

I was going to fly back to BYU to visit my brother, but the trip got cancelled. In fact, school went online weeks before that weekend. Since he went back home he wouldn't have been there even if I still made the trip.

Also, the Rocket League World Championships happened to be in my state, and I managed to get fourth row tickets. Cancelled.

Planning those two trips was the most excited I had been in awhile. Oh well. There's always later.



Dear Love Bug,

Preschool, playdates, and my dad & sister flying out to visit.



Dear 'erb,

Carl Jr.'s baby blessing was scheduled for April 19th as that was the soonest time my Mom could come out after finishing tax season. My sister who lives out of state was going to be in town for running a race. It was the perfect plan and I was so excited to see all of our families come together and meet him. But instead, my sister still hasn't met him, and neither has the majority of my family. We continued with the baby blessing virtually instead. This was happening when the borders were closed (and tax season was extended). My parents haven't seen him in person in five months. We're not really sure when they're coming out again and it's heartbreaking. I'm somewhat a little worried that Carl Jr. might have problems developing socially since he really hasn't interacted with many people at all. He doesn't really go anywhere except to the chiropractor once a week. It's like he only knows a handful of people. I just hope all of this doesn't set him back. 

-Goldie Rose


Dear friend,

I was really sad to not have family at our wedding. I had an uncle die unexpectedly a few years ago, which awakened me to the truth that you never know how or when you'll lose people. I was looking forward to seeing some of my Canadian family and having nice pictures taken together to have as a keepsake. 

Besides that, I'm a little bummed we had to skip out on our honeymoon trip. We were going to do a big tour of the Pacific Northwest (since I LOVED Oregon so much).

But I still have to get sealed, and we can always visit Oregon and Washington later, so at the end of the day I'm not super mad or sad about any of it. I got married and I'm happy so, it's all good!




Dear you,

I was going to present at three separate conferences. One of them was in England. 

Baby Z is really struggling with missing her daycare friends and now that we’re moving we‘ll never see them again. The decision to take her out happened without the chance for her to say a real goodbye. 

And my parents live in Canada and the border is closed for who knows how long.



Dear Herb,

In general, I'm super bummed about all the effort I put into building a social life going to crap. Back in January I started having weekly spaghetti dinners with some friends and it was going really well, but now I'm going to have to figure out how to get that going again.

Specifically, I had concert tickets for back in May. The concert was originally supposed to be rescheduled for the fall, but now it's confirmed for next April. Eleven months! And there's no telling when other concerts I would've wanted to go to will finally start back up again.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Chamomile,

Every year there is a national conference of people with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and their families. My daughter's medical condition puts her under that umbrella, so we went for a couple of years and it's such an awesome experience. We weren't able to go last year because the travel was too expensive. This year it was going to be held just 20 minutes away from where we live, and we were so excited but then it got canceled. We've heard it's probably headed back east next year so we're not sure when we'll be able to go again.

-The Skipper


Dear Herb,

I had planned on taking the summer off between graduating fellowship and starting attending life and I had so many amazing trips planned. Visiting friends across the country, hiking in Alaska, hiking in the Alps, Mediterranean cruise...probably the best I'm going to get now is a road trip.

Not to mention Matchbox 20's 2020 reunion tourpostponing it to 2021 just won't be the same. 

- Those are First World Problems, Eirene


Dear you,

If all had gone according to plan, I would be in Seattle right now, working an internship. I was excited to get out of Mormondom, explore a new city, make enough money to cover the rest of my tuition, gain some new friends and network connections, and work on cool projects. Now, my internship is not totally cancelled (thank goodness), but it was shortened, postponed, and switched to a virtual/remote internship. It will still be a good experience, but I'll miss a lot of the parts I was most excited about.




Dear sin juice:

A steady paycheck and the illusion of stability that came with that. The people who reported to me and the person I reported to. 

It wasn't perfect, and I may come out of this a completely different person, but paying rent out of savings is ... a look.

---Portia, not sure how she feels about freelance life with no insurance, for once, not her fault


Dear Herb,

This is the second year in a row that my transatlantic cruise to Barcelona has been cancelled. Clearly it's not meant to be and I'm bitter about it.

We don't have any pictures from my high school graduation, and I didn't get to attend a graduation ceremony from BYU, and now with the pandemic I won't get to have one for my Master's degree either.




Dear HtT,

Not to be too predictable but dear heavens it's sports. This is supposed to be LA's year in both basketball and baseball. I had tickets to opening day and Max Muncy bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium, but also was supposed to go to Fenway for the first time when I was in Boston for my sister's law school graduation. The game was pure cheaters (Red Sox/Astros), and my sisters and I got seats right above the visitors' dugout so that we could personally heckle them. We were also going to drive to Toronto for a couple days and go to a Blue Jays game. But no graduations means no trips.



Dear herbal,

I can't move into my new house (bought in October) because the upgrades we are getting aren't "essential" so they are taking forever. So just we have to live in our other house.

-Those Are Privileged Problems, Mico


Dear herbal tea,

A trip to Patagonia and my wedding. The wedding's been postponed until next summer, the Patagonia trip...who knows?


guppy of doom


Dear friend,

Salt Lake Comic-Con (or FanX, I guess it is now.... whatever). I was going to COSPLAY for the first time in a DECADE. I WAS SO EXCITED

-Van Goff

P.S. If you're wondering, I was planning to go as either Data or do a couple's Adventure Zone cosplay with my partner (Taako and Kravitz, which is what we did for Halloween last year... which I guess was technically cosplaying but my point still stands). I hadn't fully decided yet but I was still very excited.


Dear Herb ~

  • Dragon Baby's school play was cancelled the very first day they were performing for parents. I never got to see it.
  • Niffler Baby's baptism was postponed a very long time. Still hasn't happened. Hopefully next week.
  • My niece's baby blessing.
  • I didn't get to go to my oldest niece's wedding.
  • Dragon Baby and Niffler Baby were both going to do plays this summer. 
  • Alone time while kids were at school. 
  • This fall was supposed to be my first year of having all 3 kids in school all day long, and I don't even know what school will look like.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear herbal,

A trip to England with my cousin to visit our aunt :(




Dear Parsley,

Travel I'm sad about:

  • We had tickets to Disneyland the week of March 16. Guess what closed that week?
  • We were supposed to go to Dollywood for my birthday (for everyone who hasn't yet listened to Dolly Parton's America, you need to do that).
  • Family trip to Yellowstone.
  • Visiting my birth dad's family in Michigan.
  • Tagging along my husband's work trip to Nashville.
We're hoping everything is sort of back to normal by September so we can still go to the Idaho State Fair, which is a favorite tradition.
Other things I'm sad about missing:
  • Monthly Craft Club with friends. 
  • Seeing all my really cool coworkers.
  • Seeing my cute, tiny nephew's new glasses in person (I mean, the pictures are adorable, but I miss that kid).
  • I was kind of ticked about CPK being closed forever when I've been craving avocado rolls, but somehow I've managed to overcome.

But on the bright side, I've been able to work from bed and I just started teaching the 16-year-old class in Sunday School right before the pandemic, so I can still procrastinate developing any sort of teaching skills.

-Marguerite St. Just


Dear Herb,

It's movies mostly for me. Literally just a couple of weeks before all the shutdowns, I started listening to the In the Heights soundtrack while I was studying because I wanted to be more familiar with it before the movie came out, which now will not be until June of next year. That's the biggest one; other movies I was looking forward to include Wonder Woman 1984, No Time to Die, and Soul. Plus...well, I don't know. Going to see movies in theaters is something that Vienna and I like doing a lot, and I just sort of miss the experience.

There's other stuff besides movies, but that's all a bit harder for me to talk about here.

-Frère Rubik