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Question #93168 posted on 06/24/2020 10:45 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board Alumni,

It's me again! (Board Question #92311) Thank you for all of the wonderful advice. Now Carl Jr. is turning 5 months soon. Any advice or knowledge you wish you knew as a first time parent about your baby's first year?

Bonus question: Carl Jr. has bad reflux so spit up is inevitable. I nurse him due to his cow's milk protein allergy. I didn't know spit up caused yellow stains on clothes. Do you have any personal experience on getting out spit up stains even if they've been in the dryer?

-Goldie Rose


Dear Doctor,

I'm not going to address the stains because A) I never really cared about them, and B) the writers below have more answers.

My biggest piece of advice I want to offer is "if you're wondering if you're being a good enough parent, you probably are."

-Tally M.


Dear Nanny,

Hi, yes. In the realms of advice, go with your gut and don't worry about how someone else is parenting their kid. Easier said than done, but year. Also, we NEVER have co-slept with our babies, and the bigger ones NEVER crawl into our bed in the middle of the night. It is bliss because I get a full-nights sleep. Highly recommended.

In the realms of stains that have been through the dryer, I have significant experience with two toddlers and one small baby in the house. My trick (which has worked probably 99% of the time- I still have issues with red dirt) is to pour BIZ (liquid detergent- I haven't tried the powdered one yet) onto the stain and rub it in really well a few hours (preferably a day) before washing. After rubbing it in, I add cold water and let it soak until throwing it into the wash. I have succeeded in getting out spit-up stains, poop stains, red jello stains, blood stains, and grape juice stains using this method. If it seems like a particularly nasty one, I'll pour BIZ into the pre-wash dispenser, too. I have never used oxiclean, but my mom claims BIZ works better, so take that for what you will.



Dear Goldie, 

I don't have a baby but my mom had 10 of them and she always gifts people a huge box of Biz detergent for baby showers because it's the best way to get spit up stains out of baby clothes. 

If it's extra bad, she lays out the clothes and sprinkles it on, then sprays some Spray-n-Wash on it and leaves it for 10 minutes, then washes the clothes. 




Dear Goldie ~

Lay the clothes out in the sun. I was constantly shocked at how well that removed spit up stains. So simple; so effective.

~ Dragon Lady