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Question #93171 posted on 06/17/2020 8:23 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Which writer do you wish you were better friends with, or IRL friends with?

-Macaroni King


Dear Cheese,

Pretty much all of them.

I do, however, feel like Guesthouse and I could have been pretty good friends even without the Board, if given the opportunity. Alas, we never crossed paths until I joined, and now we are in a pandemic. Someday! Also, Ardilla is a legend. And Goldie Rose is way smart and incredibly wholesome. And I have had the pleasure of meeting both Tipperary and Inklings, who are lovely, hilarious people, and I wish I knew them better. And - 

Okay, okay. I'm apparently incapable of narrowing down. Guys, let's hang out when this blows over.




Dear King Mac,

I'm gonna steal Josefina's answer and say all of them because that is a very good answer. All of the writers I have met are so cool that I wish I could meet them all.

That being said, I totally wish I could spend even more time with Ardilla Feroz. We used to be roommates and that was so much fun. Ardilla acquired 57 blocks of cheese the other day for free. Who does that? Ardilla Feroz. The adventures we have had are legendary and I can't wait until this pandemic thing is over so we can hang out more.




Dear Macaroni ~

I would love to play board games with Brandon Sanderson on a regular basis. 

Oh. Wait, you mean Board writer? Sorry.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear friend,

Obviously Ardilla but I do see him pretty frequently so I think that doesn't count. He just cracks me up and I wish I got to hang out with him more often. 

Also, guppy of doom because I really only got to talk to her once at my very first Board hangout. I was starting to come to my own opinions about Church and the world and social issues and everything and she made me feel like I wasn't crazy and that I actually had some really valid thoughts. I want to continue on that conversation. 

I also think I'd love to get to know Owlet better. Is it because her babies are cute? No. Yes. Yes, it is. But I always love to read her answers during Alumni week anyway. 




Dear Doctor,

I've missed some of my contemporaries; in particular, I've missed Auto Surf, Vienna, Frere Rubik, and Ardilla Feroz. I do keep trying to convince Vienna and Frere to move out here closer to us, though!

-Tally M.


Dear Macaroni and Cheese,

I would really like to get to know 9S better. I just think he's super eloquent in ways that I am so not. When I read some of his answers I'm like YES! That's what I feel put into words! Just wow. I also really appreciate Inklings. We had a little mini Board Party all by ourselves one time and he's such a good listener. But in reality, all of them.

-Goldie Rose