Do the chickens have large talons? -Napoleon Dynamite

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do any of you do TikTok? Who do you think are the best accounts to follow? I mostly like seeing dancing, animals, and funny stuff. And I'm a Millennial so I am mostly too old for young Gen Z kids.

-That's just my baby dog


Dear same demographic,

I haven't been on TikTok in a while, and when I am I mostly just follow my husband and his friends (one of whom got their TikTok shown in a Jenna Marbles video!). But here are some accounts I've enjoyed:

- averagefashionblogger: She also has content on Instagram, but I think she's taken really well to the new platform

-iamchrxstopher: I've mostly just seen him mock Camp Rock, but that's totally worth a follow for me

-iamtabithabrown: Some of my friends have said listening to her feels like listening to Heavenly Mother and I do not think they're wrong

-greyandmama: I'm a sucker for cute baby videos and Baby Grey is always cute (even though it feels a little iffy to think about the ethics of having such a big following just from a kid)

-naomiwinders: I know her from Divine Comedy at BYU, and it's very fun to see more of her work

-needmofaith: Her genre of "Low Effort Me encouraging Slight Effort Me" was a very big mood during mid-quarantine

-ruesaint: I've mostly just seen fun videos of his girlfriend but I have really enjoyed what I've seen

-ironsanctuary: He actually does some of those terrible Five Minute Craft outfits and it is very fun

Happy scrolling, I hope this helps! 

-Auto Surf