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Question #93178 posted on 06/10/2020 5:38 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I’m not someone who enjoys working out. Usually my motivation comes from challenges at work that offer prize drawings for 9 weeks of workouts. Lately I’ve been better at getting active in my tiny bedroom in between the winter/summer challenges from my job. Students at my school love Just Dance so I finally looked up some videos and made a playlist on YouTube. It feels less like exercise and it’s fun, even though I’m not much of a dancer.

Do any of you have favorite songs from Just dance? I don’t have a Wii so it needs to be available online. Preferably nothing extremely difficult but I need some variety. I’ve liked Dynamite, I Gotta Feeling, That Power, Waka Waka, Everybody, Animals, Can’t Stop the Feeling, Livin the Vida Loca.

If not, do you have suggestions for workouts (besides yoga which I alternate with) that can be done in a small space and don’t feel as much like a workout?

Wild Berry


Dear Berry,

As far as suggestions for other types of YouTube workouts, you might also like Zumba or aerobic kickboxing, though sometimes those cover a larger area of space. i've been meaning to try the kickboxing videos from Popsugar that my friend recommended but haven't gotten around to it.



Dear Strawberry,

I love Just Dance. When I was still in college I would go to 3 hours of Hapkido class, be super tired, come home and find out that my neighbors were playing Just Dance and play with them for another hour. I was so fit back then.


I could live off these songs for a long time. Enjoy!

-Spectre who really wants to play Just Dance now