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Question #93183 posted on 06/11/2020 9:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Carl Jr. and I really like to have dance parties every day. Do you have any song recommendations that have a good beat and are appropriate for kids? For example, one of the songs on my playlist is Waiting for Superman from Daughtry.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Gold,

May I recommend They Might Be Giants, the quirky 90s alt-rock group that's recorded several amazing children's albums?

Check out I'm a Paleontologist from their fun album Science is Real!



Dear Goldie,

I would second Cognoscente's They Might Be Giants, and would also add that Pandora would probably be a great resource for this. I also appreciate this album from Random Acts.



Dear Goldie,

"Run Baby Run" by Casper Babypants, and "Something That I Want" (the song from the closing credits of Tangled) by Grace Potter. They are both, as the kids would say, bangers.

-Genuine Article


Dear GR,

David Archuleta comes through again.

-Sunday Night Banter

P.S. It's okay to listen to this on repeat even though it's not even close to December, right?


Dear Goldie Rose,

The Philadelphia Chickens album. I unironically love every single song since the time I got the album over a decade ago. Great dancing songs are Philadelphia ChickensJump Rope Jive, and Pajama Time.

My all time favorite dancing song: the theme from Monsters, Inc.

-guppy of doom