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Question #93203 posted on 07/05/2020 3:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you had $100 that had to be spent at a small, local business in the Provo / Orem area, where would you go and what would you buy? No chain stores or online retailers allowed. I'd appreciate some food-related answers and some non-food-related answers :)



Dear Drucilda, 

Local Restaurants:

  • Asa Ramen (If I haven't talked about them yet, I'm sorry. This place is seriously AMAZING. When in doubt, get tonkotsu.)  
  • Mo' Bettahs
  • Cupbop (Granted, Pebble and I could probably singlehandedly keep them in business at this point.)
  • Hruska's Kolaches
  • Bianca's La Petite French Bakery
  • SHIRLEY'S BAKERY (obviously)

Non-food Businesses: 

  • Pioneer Book 
  • Foxglove
  • The Wick Lab (CUTE! The owner is lovely, and I can't wait to go soon!) 
  • Wright Flower Company (technically this is in Springville, but it's a family of a friend's flower shop.) 




Dear Drucilda,

I'd buy $100 of brisket swatchos at Bam Bams... After Carl Jr. has outgrown his cow's milk protein allergy.

-Goldie Rose



I'll refer you to my restaurant list (and others) from a previous question. I'll add this little thai restaurant that was really good. There are a lot of great little places in Provo, it's a great foodie place.



Dear Drucilda,

100% MOZZ Pizza. Vienna and I love them, not only because their pizza is delicious, but also because:

1) Despite COVID-19 restrictions being lifted throughout the state, MOZZ has still kept their dining room closed to protect their patrons and staff, which is important as Utah's case count is continuing to climb.

2) As anti-racist protests sparked from the murder of George Floyd began to grow and gain support, MOZZ pledged to donate all of their profits from the month of June to anti-racist causes. You can read more about their efforts in the "Anti Racism" story on their Instagram page.

So, yeah. We're big fans.

-Frère Rubik


Dear Drucilda,

The Gem Studio! You get to make your own jewelry with semi precious stones that you pick out there (or you can bring your own if that's your thing). And I don't mean make your own jewelry like string beads together on a wire. I mean you're welding silver into the form of whatever jewelry you're making, and it's awesome. Most people go there to make rings, but my husband and I went a few months ago and both made earrings (because I love earrings, and he loves me), and they turned out really cool! Plus they donate part of their profits to an orphanage in Uganda that the owner helped found, and sell jewelry made by survivors of sexual assault in Nepal (who get to keep all the profits) and I'm all about those important causes.

 Here are the earrings we made at the Gem Studio (sorry it's sideways). One pair is made of Lapis Lazuli, and the other is Tiger's Eye.

gem studio.jpg