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Question #93224 posted on 09/13/2020 1:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some of your favorite memories that you've had with our board writers? In person or virtually.

-Goldie Rose, who's feeling nostalgic and sad that Tipp Tipps is retiring.


Dear Goldie,

I mean, I get to make new favorite memories with a Board writer every day, so that's a little hard to narrow down.

Looking at the list of current active writers, I'm realizing that I don't have very distinct, one-on-one memories with a lot of them (and that I'm an old fogey), but here are some:

-Ardilla Feroz: working with him and the BYU Police late at night to recover the missing scavenger hunt capsules that were mistaken for bombs. In the moment, that was a bit stressful, but looking back it was kind of a fun experience, looking all around parts of campus that I normally didn't have access to in the dead of night. (For more on that, see Board Question #86003.)

-Luciana: That one question we worked on when we were looking for a really obscure location on campus. (See Board Question #87059.)

-Alta: Alta was super excited and enthusiastic when I gave her her Board orientation and that was pretty fun.

-Spectre: Strangely, his Board orientation is the first thing to come to mind, but Vienna and I also would go over to visit him and Tally sometimes before they moved, and those game nights were always fun.

-Turbo Teen: I haven't had much face-to-face interaction with him, now that I think of it, but I'm a big fan of his work on Twitter and we've talked Celeste and other video games a few times.

Other stray thoughts/memories:

-Board parties are usually a pretty good time. The one that stands out right now is when a bunch of us went over to M.O.D.A.Q.'s apartment and spent a while watching random YouTube videos and discussing how falconry is the best hobby.

-Does anybody else remember that time we did the live Boardcast? No? Just me? Alright then.

I'm sure there are others, but that's all that comes to mind right now.

-Frère Rubik

P.S. I've never met you in real life, Goldie Rose, but I appreciate that you went and found the scavenger hunt answer (#86003) when I was having Board Grandpa-esque troubles in finding it via the search page. Your efforts inspired me to go back and also find the question number for the obscure campus location answer (#87059), though I was still having old-timer troubles and eventually just had to do it by scrolling through 19 pages of my old answers.


Dear Goldie,

Wow. Way to guilt trip me. I have to answer this now (maybe this was your evil plan). Unfortunately, I currently can't answer in full sentences. Cause life. So this will probably not be entertaining for the readers but hopefully this will be meaningful for my fellow writers

Alta: baking cookies in the tiniest kitchen and taking them to board writers!

Anathema: trolling Ardilla by texting him pictures of berries to identify from a mysterious cell phone!

Ardilla Feroz: clearly this has to be the invention of the reverse pizza!

babalugats: singing along to potatoes and molasses at the potato party!

Cerulean: hanging out at the one board party at Guesthouse's house!

Frere Rubik: Ardilla's Hobo Party when people asked how we knew Ardilla!

Goldie Rose: Making potato friends at the potato party!

Guesthouse: I'm sorry, but when we took the Ardilla Feroz Tour of Campus and you had the best "looking into the camera like this is some messed up prank show" looks!

guppy of doom: making fun of the awful McMansions up Provo Canyon!

Inklings: your mad puns at the liquid nitrogen party!

Luciana: Birthday twins!

Quixotic Kid: The one board podcast thing! And we had herbal tea and hot chocolate!

Spectre: hey remember how we went to the same high school and did choir?

My apologies to Fozzie and 9S. I haven't met you but you guys seem cool!

This was fun Goldie! Thanks for asking that even if you did totally guilt trip me.




Dear Totally Not Me,

Inklings: Honestly I haven't had a ton of interactions with him, but I thought it was fun talking to him via Google Hangouts. We were the only people to show up for a Board Party and I'm pretty sure we were both eating ice cream? He's just an awesome, engaged listener and I'm pretty sure I talked way too much about Carl Jr... But that didn't bother him so that made him even cooler in my book (since he's really the only thing I talk about anymore these days).

Guesthouse: When she won the money that I stashed in The Board's secret book was most definitely one of my favorite memories. I was so delighted that she wrote something back and wrote a wicked cool answer to my question. I was indeed a fan. I also really loved watching her wedding on Facebook and I BAWLED MY EYES OUT. I was just so happy to watch her get married to Pebble and they looked so happy and my hormones were just raging. And third, when I randomly Facebook messaged her and asked, "Does the word "Guesthouse" have any special meaning to you?" She didn't even try to deny it and then gave me tips on how to figure out other writers' identities. 

Tipps: Honestly, I have quite a few favorite memories. When I was in the library trying to figure out the identities of other Board writers heading towards the Board book was pretty happy. (I didn't catch anyone, sadly enough.) I saw my first (err.. second) writer in the flesh! I remember he was all doe-eyed when he realized it was me. (We had only talked on Facebook prior.) It was also really fun talking about his dating life. I was hearing about all the dating drama he had with his now wife and I was so invested in it all. Talking about dating via Mutual. Hearing the dating drama of his wife. Also obviously the potato party. I will never forget that he made dairy-free potato donuts! Most bomb homemade donuts I've ever had.

Quixotic Kid: I found out that she was lactose intolerant like me, and we started to exchange dairy-free recipes and follow each other on Pinterest. 

Ardilla: I went to two Board parties with him and I remember the unique ice cream he made. Since being super lactose intolerant, I often get left out when it comes to food. I remember Tipperary told me he's super inclusive with everyone when it comes to his creations, but the fact that I was still able to try out his dairy-free ice cream still meant a lot. Also, he bought me and a couple others dairy-free ice cream to have at the potato party. Overall, the potato party was awesome because we listened to potato songs, made potato friends, wrote potato poetry, and ate a whole lot of good food.

Also.. in case anyone was curious on what our potatoes look like... (as of 8/30)


STILL GOT 'EM. I'm officially going to throw them away. I think having them on my countertop for over a year (and we moved last year so they have lived now in TWO apartments) is long enough. Carl said they grew old together. Adieu, my taters, adieu.

-Goldie Rose.

P.S. You're welcome Frere! It wasn't very hard to find Question #86003 because it was saved as one of my favorite questions. The fact that The Board got on the Police Beat makes me quite chuffed.


Dear Goldie Rose,

Here's the list:

Alta: Whenever I've met you at a Board function--or outside of it--you've always made me feel important, and I really appreciate that.


Babalugats: Probably hanging out that one time after I dropped off that creepy silver mannequin, Bryan Manikin. Who I remember now you really, really want gone and out of your house. I should probably come get him. Don't let him near the windows!

Cerulean: I see you infrequently, but when I do I frequently enjoy it a lot.

Frere Rubik: During a Board party at Spectre and Tally's house, we played a particularly good game of "Smurf" where we were all secretly weasel trainers, and you were a weasel, and watching you pretend to be a weasel in response to questioning was one of the most entertaining moments of my life.

Goldie Rose: I appreciated when you came to the parties Tipperary and I hosted last summer. It's just pleasant to be around you, savvy?

Guesthouse: There was a Board party at your house that was a lot of fun. You showed us your garden and gave us all copious amounts of Armenian cucumbers, tomatoes, and plums. This was a small gesture that fed me for, like, two weeks.

guppy of doom: When we met up for the Universe interview that never was and so instead we wandered around the Museum of Art. That was nice.

Inklings: When I think of Inklings, what comes to mind is your efforts to build community, both within the Board and without. I loved the Zoom Board party in the middle of quarantine, a bright moment in a continues-to-be-confusing time.

Luciana: We always have such nice conversations. You're well-spoken and wise, and I'm always learning something from you.

Quixotic Kid: It was cool to see you at Smelly's surprise birthday party!

Spectre: I absolutely loved your wedding, and watching you sing for Tally M was an experience I will always treasure.

Fozzie and 9S, I look forward to meeting you some day.

Tipperary: It's very difficult to pick one moment, but being your roommate last summer was a freaking blast that led to so many hilarious moments, fabulous parties, and paskillions of puns.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Goldie, 

I can do it for a handful of the people I've met, at least! 

Tipperary - Racing Surplus Chairs through the Clyde building, probably. Potato Bocce Ball was also really awesome. 

Goldie Rose - Honestly probably also the Book Story because that was fun and I got cinnamon rolls out of it.

Anathema - Talking in the hall on a day that was really hard for me and cheered me up. 

Alta - I don't remember what it was about but at an Alumni Week party she told a really funny story and I'm mad I can't remember the content I just remember laughing SO HARD.

Ardilla Feroz - There are many, can't choose between climbing underneath the HFAC or the video of you spewing Oregon grape juice out of his mouth like a crazed forest troll.

Babalugats - One day I was just casually walking through the Wilk and saw her playing the piano and we got to chat for a while and that was really nice. I also thought she was some magical sunshine fairy when she rode to our first meetup on her bike (why do I remember it being a white cruiser) and had the same Chacos as me. 

guppy of doom - I've mentioned this before, but the very first Board party I went to as a probie (which I thought was against the rules) and we talked about toxic Church culture and I finally felt understood!

inklings - He helped me pass out Board Flyers and honestly sneaking into all the Heritage Buildings and feeling all stealth mode was just really fun. I also never gave him back his dry erase marker he lent me.

Luciana - I haven't met but I remember I said something funny like how I hated Disneyland and didn't like dogs and her flagettes on my answer were so funny. 

Cerulean - We haven't seen each other since helping pass out flyers so I guess that's what I mostly remember. 

Frère Rubik - at the same Alumni Week Party mentioned above, he basically told me he thought I should be the next editor and I was so flattered I thought I was gonna cry.