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Question #93229 posted on 07/17/2020 4:45 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there a convenient way to get a physical or even a pdf copy of the (undergraduate, etc.) course catalogue?

This could be considered for the upcoming year, or for all courses that are feasibly still going to be offered for the next half decade?

-Don't print Wikipedia


Dear no print Wiki,

Wow, I see what you mean. I found this site and this site, but not a single one that just listed the classes and their details on one single sheet. I sent an email to the undergrad catalog, and they told me the catalog is only available electronically, sent me to those two same two sites, and advised me to click on each of the classes so I could view the details. To make certain I knew how to use a hyperlink, they sent a screenshot of what happens when I clicked on the hyperlinks for one of those classes, which was oh so golly gee helpful. (Now I'm just picturing an extremely upset freshman staring at that long list of class names and screaming "BUT HOW DO I LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM?!??!?!) I imagine someone could do some web scraping and put all the classes and their details together in one document/PDF, but I have neither the skills nor the resources to help you there.

-guppy of doom